Wednesday (I found an article about this on Monday:

Melanie Philips – Britain’s unseen race riots

The appearance of a muted handful of opinion pieces today about the rioting in Birmingham last weekend merely serves to highlight the fact — as Alice Miles in the Times actually says —that so few people have said anything about it at all. Indeed, there has been a striking near-silence about these events…

By any standards such occurrences are deeply disturbing. If this had been white on black violence, there would have been a media feeding frenzy and the newspapers would have been full of reconstructions, analysis and instant opinions and recriminations. Instead, there has been near silence. The reason is obvious. The cult of multiculturalism holds that all minorities are victims of the majority, and therefore minorities must always be blameless. When two minorities start beating each other up, therefore, politically correct Britain is paralysed. By definition, it cannot divide up the actors in the drama into good guys and bad guys. There can be no minority bad guys. It dare not investigate what actually happened, who started it and who was to blame because no minority can ever be blamed without incurring the dreaded labels of ‘racism’ and ‘prejudice’. Furthermore, the fact that Pakistanis were involved adds a further radioactive dimension. For Pakistani, read ‘Muslim’ —and that’s a road down which the media’s finest refuse to travel, for fear of what they might be forced to discover and the consequences for them that might follow.

The result is that a serious and dangerous breakdown in community relations has not been investigated or analysed, the murder of two innocent people has been treated with near-indifference and the implications for multiculturalism all but ignored.


Gateway Pundit – Death of Immigrants Spark Riots in France


French youth face riot police in the Paris suburb of Clichy, October 29, 2005. Hundreds of French youths fought with police and set cars ablaze on Saturday in a second night of rioting which media said was triggered when two teenagers were electrocuted while fleeing police. The teenagers were killed and a third seriously injured on Thursday night when they were electrocuted in an electricity sub station as they ran away from police investigating a break-in, media reported. (Reuters)


LGF – Muslims Riot in Paris, MSM Yawns

Muslim youths have been rioting in a Paris suburb for three days—but good luck if you want details from mainstream media, who seem to be working overtime to obscure the facts in this disturbing story: Third night of trouble in Paris suburb following teenage deaths. (Hat tip: LGF readers.)

In the latest version, the former rioters are being portrayed as peaceful victims, laying flowers and observing silences.

Now, I’m willing to concede that our Enlightened Classes have been busy with this provocative business of the Very Important I. “Scooter” Libby being indicted, but since they care so much what Europe thinks about us, shouldn’t they care just a little bit about Europe?

There’s this hippy woman that lives downstairs here, with her imported Thai screens, hand-made protest signs leaning against walls waiting for the weekend, and CNN running at all times in the background. And one day a few months ago she spoke to us for the first time: We were washing Peter’s car, and the hose area is right outside her apartment, so she walked by and said “That’s a cute car, what is it?” And Peter politely responded, “It’s a Mini Cooper,” and she went on her way. And it really bothered me that she has all these signs up lecturing all the residents (who have to walk by her windows to get to their mail) on being a Veteran For Peace and War Is Terrorism and the whole thing, but she doesn’t know what an incredibly famous and recognizable car is (she doesn’t have her own). So then I told myself to calm down, and why should it be so bad that a middle-aged woman without a car doesn’t know what a Mini Cooper is? Perhaps she can name the tree farm a picket sign handle came from, the year it was cut, and how responsibly it was replanted, just by looking at it. But then I thought: If she doesn’t know what a Mini Cooper is, then she doesn’t know that Rover went belly-up and if she doesn’t know that then she doesn’t know how European Economics caused it to go belly up and thousands of working people to lose their jobs. So she can tell us how the world should be run but doesn’t have to lend a thought to any of the repercussions. It’s so aggravating.