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The Physiognamy of W+S

Times Online – I still believe that this man might be the ‘bodger of blank verse’ Peter Ackroyd I agree. The Portrait Gallery’s reasons are pretty weak, I think. (We were out all day and when we got back the blog wouldn’t work for me. But now I have Hello Kitty leg warmers so it’s […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CXLVI

The Stupid Shall Be Punished – Spammenters Have Tiny Penises The first three paragraphs have a lot to do with a post of mine, I Need to Screeeeeeed, about the way “grown-ups” pretend the Iran hostage crisis never happened, leaving people like me who weren’t born with a huge gaping hole in their historical context. […]

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The English Should Be Fuming

BBC – Smoking out the big question Health campaigners are furious that – thanks to what they see as a classic government fudge – English pubs could soon be the last refuge for smokers in the UK. Provided the bar does not serve food, smokers will be able to puff away with impunity, while their […]

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The Cheerful Optimism of Historical Perspective

CDR Salamander – Peggy needs a vacation Ah, so refreshing. And not just the ganging up on Peggy part.

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Adventures In Wardrobes

Wheat & Weeds – Harmful Influences Jeb Bush is in trouble for putting The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe on the reading lists of Florida’s schoolchildren. Dangerous exposure to Christian thought, don’t you know. I made Peter read it a couple weeks ago. And he got through another two in the series before getting […]

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Adventures In Radio News

Wheat & Weeds – On The Spot Pre-porting 5:30 am. Alarm goes off in time for ABC radio news at the bottom of the hour. Top story (paraphrasing, but close): “Today could be the day that top Bush administration officials are indicted for revealing the identity of a CIA operative.” That freaking idiot! We’ve known […]

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(Sort Of) New Music Watch

Telegraph – Japan’s pop princess heads west<br/> Utada has sold 20 million records at home, but can she translate that into UK success, asks Benjamin Secher She is one of the most successful popstars on the planet, but when Hikaru Utada walks into a busy Soho patisserie, she attracts less interest than the custard doughnuts […]

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The Goblet of Fire Director Hath Spoken!

Telegraph – I was so fearful of breaking the spell<br/> Mike Newell had already directed a string of hits, including Four Weddings and a Funeral. But, he tells David Gritten, the latest Harry Potter film was one of his biggest challenges Yet Newell decided that essentially The Goblet of Fire was “a God-given thriller”. Set […]

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Marriage, Horses, and Hallowe'en

Times 2 – Has marriage gone out with the bin bags? By Jane Shilling …,Ulrika [Jonsson] recently confided [to the BBC children’s programme What Kids Really Think] a) that it would be nice not to have to work, and that if she ever married again it would be to a millionaire; and b) that “the […]

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From intrepid Australian photo-email correspondent, Brett_McS, what can only be described as an animé-esque strike (of lightening, rather than some summoned celestial force) on the notorious metropolis of Surfer’s Paradise.

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Three Whole Hours of Monkey Goodness

Variety – Primates getting pricier: U, Jackson betting big on three-hour ‘Kong’ It’s no secret that Universal’s biggest bet of the year is “King Kong,” but less than two months before its Dec. 14 release, the studio has doubled down, agreeing to release Peter Jackson’s three-hour cut, which will push the budget to $207 million. […]

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You Live On An Island!

Telegraph – Age of the singleton. By Sarah Womack, Social Affairs Correspondent More than a third of households will consist of only one person within 15 years and millions will be shouldering the financial burden of a solo lifestyle. God, what an inefficient use of space.

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In Praise of Camilla

Telegraph – You shall go to the ball! How it must have aggrieved her enemies in the tabloid press! The Duchess of Cornwall, looking splendid in Queen Mary’s Delhi Durbar tiara, shone at the dinner given on Tuesday night for the King and Queen of Norway. This represents a serious diversion from the script. The […]

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In Praise of Norway

I’d like to be in Norway right now. Telegraph – What we can learn from Norwegians. By Daniel Hannan Today, Norway’s king will take his leave of Britain’s queen. Both are monarchs, but only one is sovereign. The word “sovereignty” is often used nowadays as a loose synonym for power, but it has an exact […]

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Peter Recommends LXXIX

(I’m coming out of the silent treatment, but I’m still pissed.) Freeverse – Comic Life Your Life in a Comic! Expand what you can do with your digital photos! With a comprehensive set of features, Comic Life Deluxe Edition gives you numerous ways to explore your creativity – liven up holiday snaps, tell a story, […]

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