I can just imagine a bunch of guys in suits swinging around the alleys behind their law offices singing this:

Wheat & Weeds – Scalito

To the tune of “Maria”:<br/> Alito . . .(sings)The most beautiful sound I ever heard:<br/> Alito, Alito, Alito, Alito . . .<br/> All the beautiful sounds of the world in a<br/> single word . .Alito, Alito, Alito, Alito . . .<br/> Alito! I’ve just met a judge named<br/> Alito,<br/> And suddenly that name<br/> Will never be the same<br/> To me.<br/> Alito! (etc., etc.)

On the other hand, the guys in uniform are going Hollywood.

It used to be everyone’s a critic. Now everyone’s a star.


Somebody stop her!

Wheat & Weeds – West-Wing Side Story

Bush and Miers huddle on the White House balcony

GEORGE<br/> There’s a place for us<br/> Somewhere a place for us<br/> Peace and quiet and open air<br/> Wait for us<br/> Somewhere

HARRIET<br/> There’s a time for us<br/> Some day a time for us …

While, on talk radio …

FRIST<br/> Conservatives will have our day<br/> Tonight.

REID<br/> The Dems are gonna have our way<br/> Tonight.

FRIST AND SPECTER<br/> The Democrats grumble:<br/> “Fair fight.”<br/> But if they start a rumble,<br/> We’ll rumble ‘em right.

REID AND SCHUMER<br/> We said, “O.K., no rumpus,No tricks.”<br/> But just in case they jump us, We’re ready to mix<br/> Tonight.