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The White Queen's Revenge

Telegraph – A Tory answer to the West Lothian Question. By Simon Heffer At one point the conversation turned to what Mr Tam Dalyell many years ago called “the West Lothian Question”. This, you may recall, dealt with a potential unfairness to English voters if a devolved assembly were set up in Scotland. The Scots […]

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John and the Technicolour Dream Cope

BBC – In pictures: Archbishop enthroned BBC – First black Archbishop enthroned That man doesn’t just wear that cope, he wears it.

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Annie Lennox Is Watching

Times Online – Five years to kill this silent genocide, by Annie Lennox “Ooooh!” Heh heh.

Categories: Science and Nature

Doubt Me Not, Ye Mortals.

I was all over this! October 8th: I wonder how Al Qaeda is going to spin this one. God is punishing the Afghanis for voting, the Pakistanis for helping, and the Indians for…oh so many options there. Let’s hope Binny’s cave fell in on him. Last Wednesday: “I heard that Osama bin Laden died in […]

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An Ode To the Little Red Pen

Wheat & Weeds – What Do We Want? Censorship! When Do We Want It? Now I, too, agree wholeheartedly with this: Thomas makes his own the Barbara Nicolosi/Act One argument that Christians who want great art should become patrons of art rather than perpetual naysayers and critics. Except then, to be frank, I have horrible […]

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My Nefarious Plan For the Future of TV Is Shaping Up Nicely

Muah ha ha ha! Instapundit – A DVD SECOND SEASON for Firefly? No, I haven’t actually told you readers what that plan is (Peter knows, tho). It would just get stolen. Instead, I’m sending out a mind-meld hoping my ends will be achieved while still getting credit for it (from Peter).

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Gotta Love Them Vikings

LGF – Danes Stand Up CDR Salamander should be pleased.

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Toxic Texans and Good World Citizens

Telegraph – Wake up and listen to the muezzin. By Mark Steyn I notice, for example, that signatories to the Kyoto treaty are meeting in Montreal this week – maybe in the unused Olympic stadium – to discuss “progress” on “meeting” their “goals”. Canada remains fully committed to its obligation to reduce its greenhouse-gas emissions […]

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Now, My French Is Okay, But This Can't Say What I Think It Says

Le Monde – Nicolas Sarkozy fixe un objectif de 25 000 immigrés en situation irrégulière expulsés en 2006 Nicolas Sarkozy s’est présenté, mardi 29 novembre au Sénat, comme le pilote de la politique d’immigration du gouvernement. “La France ne veut plus de ceux dont on ne veut nulle part ailleurs dans le monde.” Le ministre […]

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Stickin' Up Fer the Twentysomethings

It ain’t just in Britain, lady. Telegraph – Today’s twentysomethings have never had it so bad. By Alice Thomson Anyway, these children have had an easy life: they haven’t had to live through any world wars or worry about the Cold War. They have televisions in their carpeted bedrooms and beer in the fridge, they […]

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Team Jolie

Times Online – Team Aniston or Team Jolie? Your marriage hangs on which you back. LA Notebook by Chris Ayres My conflict with Lucie remained unresolved until a trip to New York last weekend, when we went to see her sister perform in the chorus of Carmen at the Metropolitan Opera. Towards the end of […]

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Us Clever and Culturally Stimulated Americans, Sayeth the Times!

Err, this is important (to me) for a whole host of reasons (instantly recognizable to the reader who’s been with me for about two days), but I can’t help but keep in the end, so excuse the language. Times Online – Tate Modern’s prize exhibit: Dumb Britain, by Martin Samuel<br/> I wish I could have […]

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Harry Potter In Your Face!

He had a crappy experience at the theater, too. But I’ll skip that rant for the more pertinent bits: WaTi – PC reels away. By Mark Steyn A breathless Associated Press dispatch on the opening weekend of “Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire” reported that “the latest Potter movie led a lineup that helped […]

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Mahdi Me!

RFE – Iran: President Says Light Surrounded Him During UN Speech Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad says that when he delivered his speech at the UN General Assembly in September, he felt there was a light around him and that the attention of the world leaders in the audience was unblinkingly focused upon him. Hm. I […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CLVII

A jeep ad, at Frederick Samuel. Brilliant.

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