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Ooh, I'm Feeling Depressed!

Times2 – Why I won’t turn my back on Santa Claus, by Caitlin Moran Third item: Banishing blues Last week a report was published claiming that swimming with dolphins can relieve depression. A team from Leicester University took 30 patients with mild to moderate depression to Honduras, and encouraged them to swim with dolphins. While […]

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Oh Effing Heck II

Nothing like a little cultural sensitivity and respect to win over the good will of foreign markets. And make all Americans look like less of a bunch of ignorant, money-grubbing, base jerks. Reuters – Hollywood geisha raise eyebrows in Asia “Memoirs,” reported to have cost its makers $85 million, can ill afford to alienate moviegoers […]

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I Think He Liked the Movie

“Laudatory” doesn’t cut it, describing this review: Newsweek – Capturing Kong: Hobbits made Peter Jackson a titan. How’s the view from the top? Judging from an exclusive screening of his new movie, ‘King Kong,’ it’s thrilling. By Devin Gordon But this one’s for Jack Black fans: Black, meanwhile, is the surprise pick. Jackson and Walsh […]

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Could Paul Martin Really Be Subject to Parliamentary Rules?!

BBC – Canada government ‘set to fall’ Canada’s Prime Minister, Paul Martin, faces a no-confidence motion in parliament which his minority Liberal government is widely tipped to lose. It is expected that an election would then be called in early 2006. Monday’s no-confidence motion was introduced by three opposition parties last week, after Mr Martin […]

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My Poor Censoring Hand Is Cramping

The Sunday Times – Bad, bad vibrations… By India Knight Here’s a bit of news: in the past year Tesco, Boots and Superdrug have started stocking vibrating [Censored!] (so that’s your Christmas presents sorted out, then). Personally, I’d prefer it if the market were flooded with those French green peppercorns that come in little glass […]

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This Should Please Retail Workers

The Australian – PM protects Christmas Day holiday Especially the grocers unions.

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And Here I Thought the Writers Union Had to Follow the Apocalypse Now Script?

The Australian – Willis film to show diehard GIs ‘fighting for freedom’ by Sarah Baxter, Washington ANGERED by negative portrayals of the Iraq conflict, actor Bruce Willis is to make a pro-war film in which US soldiers will be depicted as brave fighters for freedom and democracy. It will be based on the exploits of […]

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Are You At Risk From Abstemiousness?

The Sunday Telegraph – How to tell if you might be ebriated. By Oliver Pritchett To help readers, as licensing hours are relaxed and the festive season approaches, I have prepared this useful guide, Ten Tell-Tale Signs That You May be Sober. Very funny.

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A Christmas Column: You're All Going to Die.

A little spreading of good cheer: The Sunday Telegraph – God isn’t big enough for some people. By Umberto Eco We are now approaching the critical time of the year for shops and supermarkets: the month before Christmas is the four weeks when stores of all kinds sell their products fastest. Father Christmas means one […]

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All the Efficient Social Mechanisms Have to Go Out of Fashion

The Sunday Times – Help the obese: snigger, by Christopher Hart I was once stranded for 24 hours in Houston, self- proclaimed Fat Capital of the World, and I have never seen so many enormously fat people in my life, nor felt such a juvenile but well-nigh irrepressible urge to laugh out loud. The reason […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CLVI

It’s so funny, but then it makes you cry… Penny Arcade – Name Name Na-Name Name sniffle-wiffle

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Telegraph – ‘Justice is about him being branded as a rapist who robbed me of my childhood’ By Nicole Martin As soon as Sophie walked past the huddle of youths loitering on the pavement, she sensed that getting off a night bus at Brixton, south London, had been a desperately bad move. It’s pretty gruesome. […]

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Archives Speak

I remember, vaguely, between my ninth and eleventh year, this general impression that now that the Soviet Union was falling apart, suddenly their archives would be opened and we’d know everything about each other as we once were, and wouldn’t it be interesting to compare what we thought with what was? Then that impression slowly […]

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Saturday Items

The Telegraph – Simon Heffer on Saturday Prescott is a harmless buffoon no longer Now, though, Mr Prescott is turning ugly. He wants to destroy the character of various rural or riverside areas – most of them ones that return Tory MPs – by dumping hundreds of thousands of homes on them. He is happy […]

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A Brief History of… Israel

Telegraph – How did we forget that Israel’s story is the story of the West? By Charles Moore Sometimes Private Eye runs a spoof “Apology – printed in all newspapers”, which says something like: “We used to say that X was a disgusting, brutal pig, unworthy to hold public office. We now recognise that X […]

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