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On the Sixth Day of Christmas…

Santa took me to Ikea today to get some bits and bobs for the kitchen, including these two lovely serving dishes: See how well my portions fit in them? It’s remarkable. Believe me. We left this morning a little past 8.30, and would have turned off onto 167 at about 9, but 167 was closed. […]

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Sunday Books of the Year

When I first started this blog I created the Sunday Books category with the intention of, every Sunday, reviewing or recommending or somehow commenting on whatever book I was reading, but I found, and was very surprised to find this, by the way, that it was very hard for me to talk about books. I’ve […]

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Inflexible Authoritarianism, and Russia, Too.

Telegraph – Simon Heffer on Saturday First and second items: Don’t mention the war, you might be arrested Just to ensure this becomes an ever-happier country to live in, the Government is strengthening our police state even more from tomorrow. After that, you will be able to be arrested for anything – and I mean […]

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Jew Jersey

The Times sets out some of the better newspaper typos this year. Ouch.

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Busker For My Heart, Baby

Times Online – From down a crowded tunnel comes a simple melody to lift the heart, by Matthew Parris I concluded (and wrote in The Times) that London Underground should find a way of licensing and regulating busking rather than simply try to ban it. And this is what it has done. There are now […]

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¡Viva la Siesta!

I will not have all of Europe’s best bad habits driven away by their meddling governments before I’m rich enough to appreciate them first-hand! Wheat & Weeds – ¡Ay Caramba!

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Happy New Years, Oz!

It’s an annual tradition, New Years Eve Morn: I wake up to photos of fireworks over the Sydney Opera House. And since I’m usually either busy or in bed when the photos of my own country’s fireworks hit the wire, it’s become sort of the definitive New Years picture. Interesting, no?

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Good Design Gets You a CBE

Times Online – Peach of a gift for Apple guru. By Sam Coates Take that, Dell! (Update: Vivienne Westwood is getting a DBE. So I guess it goes for interesting design as well?) (Update II: Tom Jones is being honoured as well, but I’m not sure with what just yet… Ooh here’s Robbie Coltraine getting […]

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I Suck

Peter just told me a story. And now I’m hideously depressed. Million Dollar Homepage This kid registered milliondollarhomepage.com, set up a grid of 1,000 pixels by 1,000 pixels, and starting selling them, one dollar a pixel. He’s sold 970,000 of them so far. And with nothing better to do with the money he didn’t think […]

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There's the Beeb Being the Beeb Again

I’m looking at BBC – In Pictures: The World in 2005 and number four is “…in Moscow to mark the 60th anniversary of the end of WWII, and pay tribute to the Soviet people’s sacrifice.” So what photo do they show? One of the awesome ones of the marching solders? Something to do with the […]

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Speaking of the Environment

I would love one of these. Wonder how it would fit in Seattle… inhabitat – ECOHOUSE BRAZIL Of course the solar panels might have to go…

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Attention Environmental Engineers!

A Star from Mosul – What happened this week? And my #1 project I got an e-mail from a Moslawi citizen living far away, he was suggesting few projects for Iraq. One was to collect books for Mosul University’s library. I read the e-mail to mom, hoping to get satisfaction, and she said that the […]

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Go Through the FISA Courts Indeed

Don’t miss Jim Angle’s interview with Ron Kessler on Brit Hume’s show tonight. First of all, I like him, even if he does look like Ralph Nader and Porter Goss’ love child. But Jim asked the question we’ve all heard so often “Why couldn’t they go through the FISA courts?!” because of the 72-hour grace […]

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Peter Recommends XCII

“At least the Brits aren’t stupid:” BBC – Films Of The Year And lookit what came in as number 1!

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Medved's Show Makes My Head Explode

Okay when he does the old “If Anyone Thinks That Islam Isn’t the Only Religion In the World Causing All This Violence Please Call” show topic he always gets these idiots calling in saying “Eric Rudolph and abortion clinic bombings!” because you know we have whole swaths of Christian churches sending out abortion clinic bombers […]

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