Don’t miss Jim Angle’s interview with Ron Kessler on Brit Hume’s show tonight. First of all, I like him, even if he does look like Ralph Nader and Porter Goss’ love child.

But Jim asked the question we’ve all heard so often “Why couldn’t they go through the FISA courts?!” because of the 72-hour grace period and the whole thing. Well apparently, and thank you very much MSM for letting us know this small, insignificant fact, in that case the NSA would have to have erased the stateside half of the conversation when it gave it to the FBI:

Ahmed: “Hey Binny, we attack the Brooklyn Bridge tomorrow at 9.30 am, and we’ll be wearing blue leisure suits and driving a white van with Ahmed’s Flowers written on the side.”

Bin Laden: “Uh huh. Good.”

Brilliant. No problems with that system, no.