Santa took me to Ikea today to get some bits and bobs for the kitchen, including these two lovely serving dishes:


See how well my portions fit in them? It’s remarkable. Believe me.

We left this morning a little past 8.30, and would have turned off onto 167 at about 9, but 167 was closed. Imagine our surprise. So we turned around through the streets of deepest darkest downtown Renton, and right in front of us was a police van, back doors open, with a SWAT team inside, gazing levelly around them. Well now.

KING5 – Gunman dies after nine-hour standoff

A gunman died after a nine-hour standoff with police near Renton.

Several police departments had been trying to subdue the man since before midnight Friday night. It began when police were conducting an investigation of suspected prostitution at 1701 East Valley Road.

One man they approached fled on foot. When police gave chase, they said the man started firing shots at officers, who then returned fire. The suspect crossed East Valley Road and five lanes of Highway 167, eventually hiding in a large wetland that runs parallel to Highway 167. …

Around 9 a.m. [as we were just arriving] the standoff ended with the suspect’s death. Neither the suspect identity, nor cause of death has been determined, police said in the statement.

So when we left Ikea, around noon, we approached 405 on 167 (which had reopened right after we turned around) to see big signs that it was closed in Bellevue, meaning the faster return route was closed to us.

KING5 – Driver found dead inside overturned fuel truck

The driver of a fuel truck that overturned Saturday afternoon was found dead inside. It’s believed he may have suffered some sort of medical emergency behind the wheel and died before the accident.

No other injuries were reported.

The accident happened around noon.

I’m going to go out and watch the fireworks now.