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Radio Free SOTU

(I hate acronyms like SOTU and POTUS, but I needed two syllables to make that work.) I pretty much have to respond to tonight’s speech, although there isn’t much to say. I thought he did really well, oratorically, that is. The first half of it I thought was a lot more confrontational than usual, even […]

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Anti-Boycotts Are So Complicated

LGF – LGF in Danish Dan also notes that if we’re planning to buy Danish products, we may want to avoid products from those companies that are losing business in Arab countries—because they almost certainly agreed not to deal with Israel as a condition to sell in those countries. They made a devil’s bargain, and […]

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Exercises in Tautology

Infinitives Unsplit – Yet More Frankly Unbelievable Education Crassness Baby, you’ve come a long way since Laura Ingalls. (You wanna know what’s funny? The word illiterate always makes me stop and read through it slowly thinking it’s wrong. It’s all the vertical lines. They just look wrong.) Update (2.1): Telegraph – Born in a Tory […]

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Straight Politics

Telegraph – Sorry, but voters prefer straight choices. By Mark Steyn The revelation that Simon Hughes is (at the time of writing) “bisexual” prompted bittersweet memories for those on the receiving end of the Liberals’ characteristically dirty campaign against Peter Tatchell all those years ago: the poor old more-or-less out gay and his boyfriend were […]

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We Demand Return of Constantinople to Christianity

LGF – Hamas Demands Return of Seville to Islam And you can take down the minarets at Hagia Sophia while we’re swapping.

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The Better Billion

The Times – Steel wheels<br/> Indian entrepreneurship has much to offer the West On all these counts, China lags, an increasingly serious matter in a world where skills are valued more highly than capital. China can provide workers by the tens of millions, yet good managers are like gold dust. China can order up miles […]

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Tinsel Town Tops

Oscar nominations are out. Let’s go through my picks per category, shall we? I love doing this! Best actor Haven’t seen any of them Best supporting actor Haven’t seen any of them Best actress Haven’t seen any of them Best supporting actress Haven’t seen any of them Costume design Haven’t seen any of them Director […]

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Apropos of Absolutely Nothing At All

I wanted to post this, because it cracked me up: The Sunday Telegraph – Letters Greens and royals You report that the Prince of Wales’s Own Regiment of Yorkshire, The Green Howards and the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment are to amalgamate to become The Yorkshire Regiment. A better name would be The Prince of Wales’s […]

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Papal Crib Notes

RC2 reads encyclicals so you don’t have to! (hey, it’s how we met.) Exercising the best of intentions, I’ve had the poor thing in a window minimized since the thing was released last week. Come hell or high Safari-crashes, I shall read it. Eventually.

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Those Boys Got Alotta Protestin' to Do

Zombie – Depictions of Mohammed Throughout History Went to the store this afternoon. Got six bottles of Carlsburg. For the game. Did you doubt my sincerity? For shame. Update: The Times – Denmark faces international boycott over Muslim cartoons By Anthony Browne DENMARK faced the full fury of the Muslim world yesterday as a long-simmering […]

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Democrats For Autocrats

I got this fervid plea for the continued health and hardiness of our founding document from last Friday’s Best of the Web: The Busheviks count their victories; the Dems count their losses and take pride in their “symbolic” votes. The difference is between winners and losers: only, in this case, the Constitution and our democracy […]

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You People Should Be Paying Me $100/hr

You scored as Psychology. You should be a Psychology major!Mathematics92%Psychology92%Sociology83%Dance75%English75%Journalism75%Engineering67%Biology67%Art58%Philosophy58%Anthropology50%Theater50%Linguistics50%Chemistry33%What is your Perfect Major? (PLEASE RATE ME!!<3)created with QuizFarm.com Curtsy: Zoe. I would never have done so, by the way. Psychology and psychiatry are worthy endeavors, in the intellectual sense, but practically, I find they’re more like orthodontists with questions.

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|:Yes, George Bush Loves Me,:| For the BBC Tells Me So

This is the same guy that sat for that interview to explain himself after upsetting so many BBC viewers by defending the US, and ended up agreeing with me that the press is lazy. BBC – Viewpoint: In search of a clear view of Bush, by Justin Webb I was hearing the other day about […]

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A Raspberry For Britain

The Telegraph – Home front: By Philip Johnston All British internees deserve justice Sixty years ago, when the Japanese army marched into China, and then Malaysia and Singapore, thousands of British subjects ended up in just such camps. They were not soldiers, but civilians, either members of the colonial administration or the flotsam of empire […]

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Trials, Politics, and Miracles

Saddam’s trial needs to get on with it, Bush has gotten knocked around a bit, but isn’t quacking yet, and a French nun has been miraculously cured of Parkinsons, which might be the miracle to santo John Paul II subito.

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