I wanted to post this, because it cracked me up:

The Sunday Telegraph – Letters

Greens and royals

You report that the Prince of Wales’s Own Regiment of Yorkshire, The Green Howards and the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment are to amalgamate to become The Yorkshire Regiment. A better name would be The Prince of Wales’s Green Wellingtons.

W H Wood, Patcham, East Sussex

And this, which actually does have something to do with the study of the sock’s reproductive cycle, a topic of great interest to some friends of mine.

In the closet

A correspondent says that she is waiting for clothes to become self-replicating (Letters, January 15). For several years I have been of the opinion that they are indeed self-replicating.

Every time I sneak a look inside my wife’s wardrobe, I am certain that there are about 10 per cent more blouses, dresses, shoes than the last time I looked.

A C J Young, Bolton, Lancashire


Stocking feat

Not only are clothes self-replicating; they also go through a form of entropic evolution. I have proof that, when left unchecked for a period of time (usually about four months), the socks of a family of five will gradually mutate and diversify until there no longer remain any two alike.

Graham Weeks, Barcelona, Spain)