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Biological Stopwatch

The Sunday Times – 2 movies or 2 babies? By India Knight [Brad Pitt] gets two babies, [Jennifer Aniston] gets two movies. There is a certain awful symmetry about it. And despite the huge amounts of sympathy extended to Aniston throughout this whole saga, it’s hard not to view her ultimately as the loser; not […]

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Hang Them

The Telegraph (1.28) – Simon Heffer on Saturday Make communists face Nuremberg trials Much to the outrage of Russia and Lefties everywhere, the Council of Europe this week condemned the crimes against humanity committed by the old Soviet bloc. A motion to have days of remembrance, and to have the truth about communist wickedness taught […]

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Institutionalizing Things

This isn’t the sort of thing I’d ordinarily include here, but it’s just so remarkable, and especially when held up against the the sorts of scandals caused by a Bernard Kerik. The Sunday Times – Madness at the Met, by Rod Liddle Last week [Sir Ian Blair] was on particularly good form [of not catching […]

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Counter Thrust!

I really, really, really like Georgia. BBC – Georgia cuts Russian embassy gas Take that, Gasputin!

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Optimism Like the Dodo

Telegraph – Don’t blame Bush: this is Arafat’s fault By Con Coughlin But to blame Bush for Hamas’s emergence as the dominant political force in Palestinian politics is taking matters too far. If anyone deserves the blame for the stunning turnaround in Hamas’s political fortunes it is not President Bush but Yasser Arafat, the late […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CLXXIII

The Stupid Shall Be Punished – SPUD-LIB: An Open Letter To Frank J. And Instapundit The hegemonistic oppression of Idaho blogs is nothing to joke about! (It’s-ay ilarious-hay!)

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Save the Humuhumunukunukuapuaa!

FOXnews – Humuhumunukunukuapuaa Ousted in Hawaii It’s an outrage! ninme dons her souvenir humuhumunukunukuapuaa t-shirt in protest

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Squinting to See the Bright Side of the Cold War, and Feeling Downright Nostalgic For It

Telegraph – For all those who miss the Cold War (especially Mr Putin), some bad news… By Niall Ferguson Mr Putin’s crackdown on NGOs is part of a wider pattern of behaviour that strongly suggests my nostalgia for the Cold War is shared in the Kremlin. For example, Russia’s Atomic Energy Agency is currently blocking […]

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Tree Spies

The Times – Look out! The boxwood tree has ears . . . Past Notes by Graham Stewart FOLLOWING the discovery in a Moscow park of an electronic device in a fake rock, Russian security spooks apparently have been on their hands and knees clinking stones together in their search for more gadgets strewn around the city’s public […]

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A Demanding Mistress

I have a wok. A real wok. I’ve been trying to season it properly. Vegetable oil isn’t good. Peanut oil is. Lard though is supposed to be best. So now the kitchen is filled with lard smoke. Patio door is open. January. I probably smell like I’ve been through the wars. I bought the thing […]

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You and Me Both, Charlie.

The Times – Don’t follow super-size Americans, says Prince. By Andrew Pierce THE Prince of Wales warned the British people last night that they were in danger of becoming as obese as many Americans because they did not walk or cycle enough…. The Prince said: “Dr Jackson and his colleagues have pointed to a disturbing […]

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Remember "Tragic Irony"?

I doubt anyone will, because it was over a year ago: The irony? Well, while the French government is praising Yasser Arafat, and bending over backwards to let in provocative Arab satellite channels, they’re shooting down protesters holding up bibles as they sing. Today: CDR Salamander – France’s little PR problem Here is something that […]

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Since Bubblehead Hasn't Leapt In With All Sorts of Interesting Tidbits

I’ve decided to hesitantly submit this for review: FOXnews – New Canada PM Challenges U.S. on Arctic Sovereignty TORONTO — Canada’s next prime minister used his first press conference Thursday to tell the United States to mind its own business when it comes to territorial rights in the Arctic North. Testing the notion that he […]

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…Happy Birthday, Dear Wolfgang…

Happy Birthday to you!

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Zucchini, Guilty Beltway Parents, and Holden Caufield

WaPo – The Peekaboo Paradox: The strange secrets of humor, fear and a guy who makes big money making little people laugh. By Gene Weingarten Peter sent this to me with a less-than-usually cryptic “This was one of the best reads I’ve ever had.”

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