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Went to the store this afternoon. Got six bottles of Carlsburg. For the game. Did you doubt my sincerity? For shame.


The Times – Denmark faces international boycott over Muslim cartoons By Anthony Browne

DENMARK faced the full fury of the Muslim world yesterday as a long-simmering row over newspaper cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad finally erupted.

There were street demonstrations and flag-burnings in the Middle East. Libya joined Saudi Arabia in withdrawing its ambassador from Copenhagen. Islamic governments and organisations, including the Muslim Council of Britain, issued denunciations and a boycott of Danish goods took hold across the Muslim world.

The Danish Government warned its citizens about travelling to Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Syria, and withdrew aid workers from the Gaza Strip.

What a bunch of little boys.

The trigger for the latest clash of cultures was the publication by the Danish newspaper Jyllends-Posten on September 30 of 12 cartoons of Muhammad. A biographer of the prophet had complained that no one would dare to illustrate his book, and the newspaper challenged cartoonists to draw pictures of the prophet in a self-declared battle for freedom of speech.

A battle they’re losing. I guess free speech doesn’t matter to journalists? Journalists? Yoo-hoo?

Oh and by the way, I meant to post this this morning, but was so utterly pissed off I couldn’t figure out what to say about it:

LGF – Clinton: “Totally Outrageous Cartoons Against Islam”

Bill Clinton, and his absurd figure of a wife, can go stuff themselves up the rear end of an Arab Dictator who cares.

Update (2.1):

Via LGF, a mirror site, because Zombie is overloaded. And, more importantly, an archive of comics from the Arab world. Poor little ducklings. How dare anyone sully their noble and beautiful religion, when they’re so respectful to those around them?

Update III: Speaking of cartoons and depictions of people…