This is the same guy that sat for that interview to explain himself after upsetting so many BBC viewers by defending the US, and ended up agreeing with me that the press is lazy.

BBC – Viewpoint: In search of a clear view of Bush, by Justin Webb

I was hearing the other day about a woman who went to the White House Christmas drinks party.

You are allowed to bring a friend and the two of you get to pose for a 10-second photo-op (they call it a “grip and grin”) with the leader of the free world.

But this woman had no friends available that evening and queued up to see him alone. When her turn came she explained to the president, “I couldn’t get a date.”

With a charm and wit worthy of Ronald Reagan he pulled her close and asked – mock earnestly – “Nothing I’ve done I hope?”

I love watching him work crowds. He’s very touchy-feely. And men who are like that tend to be big ol’ softies. Which is why I find the whole Bush-Is-Evil argument so hilarious.

He knows what you think of him (particularly if you are reading outside the US).

But what does he think of you, and what does he have planned to make your life more enjoyable?

He says he loves you – at least those of you who don’t harbour terrorists.

And in some ways he does, though people have a hard time accepting it.

The Beeb’s singing gospel music about an American Republican President. This can’t be sustainable.

And as for Hamas: the first of its leaders to renounce violence gets a White House tour and a trip to the Texas ranch. That is the power of freedom.

Hah. Seriously. See?