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The Things You Miss When You're Not Born Yet

Tim Blair – WASHINGTON SEIZED More than 120 people have been taken hostage in Washington D.C. by an orthodox Muslim group protesting about the depiction of Mohammad in US media. Three buildings are occupied by the kidnappers. UPDATE. One hostage has reportedly been shot dead. UPDATE II. Several others are reported wounded—one paralyzed by shotgun […]

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Kofi Annan Is the Biggest Word-I-Won't-Say-Here

LGF – Kofi Annan: Denmark “Not Yet Sure How to Adjust”

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Hail India

The Times – Morning in India<br/> The values of an open society underpin India’s rapid emergence India’s first steps down the reform road 15 years ago excited some comment, but small optimism. The speed of India’s turnaround has astonished the country’s critics – the harshest of whom are, of course, Indians. In the knowledge economy, […]

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I'd Keep a Diary Too

The Times – Dear Charles. Do shut up, by Tim Hames<br/> Those letters are harmless enough – but a meddlesome King would be a catastrophe Well he isn’t king! And as you point out (later in the column) the Queen is quite healthy and unlikely to drop dead for the next twenty years or so, […]

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The Necessity of Dictionaries

The Times – Quangos, scumbags and a pompous donkey. What company Ken keeps, by William Rees-Mogg Journalists often criticise other people and good journalists accept some offensive knockabout in return. Ken Livingstone ended by saying: “Your paper is a load of scumbags.” A Chicago columnist once called me a “scumbag”, and I had to look […]

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Oh Canada… So Obvious?

Peter and I watched the Closing Ceremonies last night. “That’s not Avril Lavigne, is it?” “Hell, I dunno.” “I think it is.” “You know, it might be. Doesn’t she have piggy little eyes like that?” Later, after the show, “I can’t believe they had Avril Lavigne play.” “I know, gotta say, not off to a […]

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Today On the Drudge Front Page

Reuters – Pope says embryos have rights from conception Yer kidding.

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Another Strip For the Scots

Hilarious. For Better or Worse – 02.27.06 The last one was down here, btw. Insta-update: Uh, for those of you like Peter, and for those of you unfamiliar with the strip, she’s living in Northern Ontario, and those are tribal names.

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Date– No Wait, Uh… Nigeria

Wheat & Weeds – Yes, I’m Aware All Hell Has Been Breaking Loose About which let me add solely that we’ve had a Nigerian priest in residence in our parish for the past few years as he completes some work for the Nigerian bishops’ council. He says that half his family is Christian, the other […]

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Dateline Mystic Blogging

Wheat & Weeds – The Garden of Gethsemane

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Dateline Glass Walls

Wheat & Weeds – The Mount Called Olivet

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Jews and Swimming Pools

Chicago Sun-Times – Needing to wake up, West just closes its eyes, by Mark Steyn In five years’ time, how many Jews will be living in France? Two years ago, a 23-year-old Paris disc jockey called Sebastien Selam was heading off to work from his parents’ apartment when he was jumped in the parking garage […]

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Debt and Babies

The Sunday Time – Deeply in love with debt, by India Knight I’ve lived for long periods of time in two areas of London poor enough to be called deprived: on a housing estate in the Elephant and Castle, and in Hackney. In both areas infants wore top-to-toe designer clothes and were paraded about in […]

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Viruses, Colds, and Flu

Before getting to this column, I should say that every time Peter’s been sick, I’ve been sick before him, and at least three times I have been on the brink of death (to my mind, anyway) and he hasn’t been brought low with so much as a sneeze. But when he is sick… The Sunday […]

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Those Ridiculous Animal Rights People

I’ve been ducking all the editorials (mostly in the Times) about how wonderful Oxford is to defy the ALF crowd and go on with their animal research lab, but this… The Sunday Telegraph – Let’s hear it for the decapod crustacean. By Mary Wakefield On Thursday there was no email from the Advocates, so I […]

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