NYT – German Intelligence Gave U.S. Iraqi Defense Plan, Report Says

Two German intelligence agents in Baghdad obtained a copy of Saddam Hussein’s plan to defend the Iraqi capital, which a German official passed on to American commanders a month before the invasion, according to a classified study by the United States military. …

The German role is not the only instance in which nations that publicly cautioned against the war privately facilitated it. Egypt and Saudi Arabia, for example, provided more help than they have disclosed. Egypt gave access for refueling planes, while Saudi Arabia allowed American special operations forces to initiate attacks from its territory, United States military officials say.

But the German government was an especially vociferous critic of the Bush administration’s decision to use military force to topple Mr. Hussein. While the German government has said that it had intelligence agents in Baghdad during the war, it has insisted it provided only limited help to the United States-led coalition.

There, you see, John Kerry? Friends to the end, despite what the Weasels are telling you!

Cheerful curtsies to Wheat & Weeds, who has the greatest entry on this:

Bundesminister der SayVunThinkUndDoAnuzzergung

Is this despicable or should I just be grateful? Truly I can’t decide.<br/> Und vhy are you lookink at us like zat?


(For clarification’s sake, I think it’s a good thing, and further shows that politics is just politics, and friendship is stronger than we think, no matter what the Democrats would have us believe about our bungling administration.) (You remember all those press conferences where Bush kept maintaining that relations were strong, and the politicians and press made fun of him? Well who’s laughing now! Nobody, because nobody remembers or cares what they said all that time ago because who on earth would remember.) (Thump, thump, thump)