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It Was Good of Us to Send Trump Over to Sort You People Out

The Scotsman – Trump threat to ditch £300m Scottish golfing resort His mother was born on Lewis. That explains so much. [He] warned his championship course, five-star hotel, golf academy and 500 holiday homes would be scrapped unless proposals for a nearby offshore wind farm were abandoned. He said his Trump Organisation had chosen the […]

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Pointing the Light of Criticism at Journalists is Fun

I’m posting this out of order, because the first bit (from the middle, really) is so good: NRO – When Cynicism Meets Fanaticism: Critiquing the critique of the war in Iraq. by Victor Davis Hanson Weigh that success against the behavior of the media that sees mostly American incompetence. At CBS, Dan Rather insisted to […]

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Immigration Rant of Many Disparate and Incoherent Points

David Frum’s Diary – MAR. 30, 2006: CRAZY LIKE A FOX Remittances [$20 billion/3% Mexican national income] have cushioned Mexico’s failure, but they cannot achieve Mexico’s success. Only internal change in Mexico can do that. Mexico desperately needs foreign investment in its energy industry, a rationalization of its tax system, and free-market reform of its […]

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Buses From Nowhere

Not a matter of any international consequence whatsoever, but still damned funny: Telegraph – Letters Sir – Gordon Brown’s offer of free bus travel for pensioners has left us underwhelmed in this village. After 50 years of one bus per week to Maidstone market, the service was withdrawn last year. We now have the entitlement […]

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Mars Rovin'

CDR Salamander – Flying with Lex’s Greatgrandson(daughter) Looks a bit like Afghanistan.

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I Can See the Campaign Posters Now: "Retina Scans For Every Man, Woman and Child In Britain!"

Rueful Red emailed this to me this morning. And since Europe, especially Britain, is a big ol’ there-but-for-the-grace-of-God-go-we, thought I’d post it: This was written originally by Francis Stonor Saunders. Frances Stonor Saunders is the former arts editor of The New Statesman, author of The Cultural Cold War, Diabolical Englishman and The Devil’s Broker and […]

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Expectations Adjusted

AP – Report: Carroll Threatened Before Release Jill Carroll’s kidnappers reportedly warned her before her release that she might be killed if she cooperated with the Americans or went to the Green Zone, saying it was infiltrated by insurgents. Ah yes, they “treated her well”. The Monitor quoted her family as saying that her kidnappers […]

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Cultural Imperialism

This was left to me in my comments (quite unrelated to the subject of the post, but hey), and since this sort of thing makes me so mad, here y’go: BBC – Malaysia’s clash of cultures I’ll skip all the stuff about the Hindu influenced traditional culture that’s being gotten rid of, but there’s a […]

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Big Business of Policing

Finally a big business I can agree is evil! I feel so included! The Telegraph – Four wheels bad The motorist is being turned into a criminal. New figures from the Home Office show that in 2004, 466 offences were dealt with for every thousand vehicles licensed. This proportion of almost one crime for every […]

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Clearing Congress

The Times – Today’s militants – a cream-puff army out for a jolly ideological picnic. Notebook by Mick Hume Today’s unions are empty shells of their former selves, whose dreams of yesterday are matched by their nightmares about tomorrow, symbolised by the new focus on pensions rather than pay. I am not nostalgic about freezing […]

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Gerard Baker, Journalist, Finds Himself Smarter than Condoleezza Rice, PhD, Secretary of State, Former Stanford Provost, Concert Pianist, and Speaker of Five Languages

Amongst other things. The Times – Sorry. Condimania stops here, by Gerard Baker<br/> The US Secretary of State is charming and accomplished but a little consistency wouldn’t go amiss So, what’s it all about, Condi? As her aides put it, it is about presenting the human face of American foreign policy. Demonised as never before, […]

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Can't Cuidich 'n Righ

<br/> Black Watch veterans bid farewell to their regiment I feel that way too. Telegraph – Highland lament: Scotland’s oldest regiments march into history It was out with the old and in with the new yesterday as six Scottish infantry regiments were consigned to military history. While Black Watch veterans, wearing the red hackle, lamented […]

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Starving Africa

BBC – ‘Barren future’ for Africa’s soil Africa’s farmland is rapidly becoming barren and incapable of sustaining the continent’s already hungry population, according to a report. A World Connected – Norman Borlaug: A Billion Lives Saved (from a year ago) One would think that saving a billion lives in developing countries, winning the Nobel Peace […]

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Wheat & Weeds – Rahman Noodles His Way Into Italy, Hearts Sorry. Here’s the story. Asked why he had decided to convert to Christianity, Rahman, who was speaking in broken English, said: “Because I read the Bible and I became convinced of the goodness of this religion.” “I thank the Pope, the Italian government and […]

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Telegraph – Wall Street warns of protectionism The most powerful figures on Wall Street put themselves on a collision course with the US government, accusing Congress of damaging the US and world economy with its increasing economic protectionism. The chief executives of Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan were among the leading bankers who published […]

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