Finally a big business I can agree is evil! I feel so included!

The Telegraph – Four wheels bad

The motorist is being turned into a criminal. New figures from the Home Office show that in 2004, 466 offences were dealt with for every thousand vehicles licensed. This proportion of almost one crime for every two vehicles makes a mockery of the law.

Respect for the law has long been a welcome hallmark of British attitudes. Now motorists – and that means most of us – see real criminals getting away with it, while peaceable citizens are bombarded with fixed penalties or worse.

Shopkeepers in Bournemouth were surprised recently to receive letters telling them not to bother calling the police if goods worth less than £75 were stolen. The letter was not authorised by senior officers, but it no doubt reflected attitudes among the police. Theft or drug crime are not seen as worth pursuing, while motorists are a golden goose.

You people should work on your trains.