Not a matter of any international consequence whatsoever, but still damned funny:

Telegraph – Letters

Sir – Gordon Brown’s offer of free bus travel for pensioners has left us underwhelmed in this village.

After 50 years of one bus per week to Maidstone market, the service was withdrawn last year. We now have the entitlement but not the means, a bit like Labour’s NHS.

Howard Lilley, Cranbrook, Kent


Oh lord, one more topic:

Sir – So I will no longer be able to have a decent bath, one of life’s great pleasures, if we are made to fit thermostats (News, March 30).

Initially we fill our bath with cold water until the hot arrives, so unless I want a lukewarm bath I would have to drain all the cold water until the “allowed” water temperature flows.

Another brilliant idea.

John Murphy, Warwick <br/> <br/> <br/> Sir – Labour MP Mary Creagh’s campaign to fit thermostats to reduce deaths caused by hot baths may be very well meaning, but surely if a person is unable to tell if a bath is hot or cold, is the British gene pool not better off allowing natural selection to take place?

Jonathan Phillips , Canterbury, Kent <br/> <br/> <br/> Sir – Enough is enough. Labour doesn’t even trust me to be able to run my own bath – when will someone pull the plug?

Seftton Samuels, Stone in Oxney, Kent