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The Times – Sorry. Condimania stops here, by Gerard Baker<br/> The US Secretary of State is charming and accomplished but a little consistency wouldn’t go amiss

So, what’s it all about, Condi?

As her aides put it, it is about presenting the human face of American foreign policy. Demonised as never before, America needs an ambassador with the charm, elegance and intelligence of Dr Rice, living proof as she is of the freedoms and opportunities modern America represents.

But she’ll never quite be able to dispel the notion that there is something else afoot — that this is all part of a careful unrolling of an eventual presidential campaign. She has repeatedly denied such ambitions, but the stories won’t go away.

Some have wondered whether she has the political experience or whether her race or gender might tell against her. But there’s a much more serious problem with the idea of a President Rice. If she is going to run one day, she is going to have to explain what it is she stands for, because by my count there have been four radically different Condoleezza Rices in the 20 years since she moved into the front ranks of foreign policy.

Ah yes. Gerry, he can read her like a book.

Dr Rice is without doubt one of humanity’s most multitalented souls – diplomatist, academic, concert pianist, ice-skater, sports buff. But while versatility is a compelling virtue in human character, a hint of intellectual consistency on the biggest issues would be more appealing still.

Uh huh.