The Scotsman – Trump threat to ditch £300m Scottish golfing resort

His mother was born on Lewis. That explains so much.

[He] warned his championship course, five-star hotel, golf academy and 500 holiday homes would be scrapped unless proposals for a nearby offshore wind farm were abandoned.

He said his Trump Organisation had chosen the location – an 800-acre stretch of sand dunes on the Menie Estate, near Balmedie – after looking at 211 rival sites around the world, and that he would pull out of the deal immediately if it became mired in planning concerns.

“Either this will happen very quickly or it won’t happen at all,” he said yesterday in an exclusive interview with The Scotsman in his office on the 26th floor of the Trump Tower in Manhattan.

“This is a unique opportunity for the Scottish economy,” he said. “This will be the greatest course in the world.”

But in a robust conversation he expressed concern that “ocean views” from the planned development might be obscured by an offshore wind farm in Aberdeen Bay.

“Robust” they call it. Hee hee. Ah, that’s our Donald.

He denied his resort would impact on existing courses, such as Royal Aberdeen. “They have a great course, but are limited by the land they have. We have a great piece of land. There is room for more courses, but no room for mediocrity. I never like to get disappointed but we want to build a great course in Europe and I’d prefer it to be in Scotland. If we don’t get to do this, we have too many other things on our plate. We’ll just move on.”