The Arab media!

Arab News (see?) – Danish Cartoons and Muslim Reaction: Two Wrongs and No Right, by Faisal Sanai,

The deaths from the cartoon riots have demonstrated to the Western world not our love for our Prophet (peace be upon him), but the flippancy with which we regard human life. What benefit has the loss of another fifty Muslim lives brought? What good has the burning and vandalism of embassies done? For what fault were the Nigerian Christians attacked and their churches destroyed? We speak of the non-Muslim world’s need to respect Islamic sentiments and yet we cannot reciprocate the same toward other religions. Sadly, it seems the scope of our tolerance extends only to those who tolerate us. And in doing so we appear just as bad as those whom we criticize.

Curtsy to Tim Blair, and may I recommend reading the whole thing. The bits with the every-rumour-you-ever-heard-coming-out-of-Guantanamo-is-true! hysteria and the 3000-American-lives-equal-40000-Muslim-lives-never-mind-the-millions-killed-by-other-Muslims-on-purpose logic are easily ignored.