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Isn't It a Little Redundant For a Historian to Live to Ninety?

Opinion Journal – A Sage in Christendom: A personal tribute to Bernard Lewis. BY FOUAD AJAMI Bernard Lewis came to the New World in the nick of time. Fate–or, more appropriately, history–decreed his American journey and the direction it would take. The historian, who will turn 90 in a handful of days, had come to […]

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Trashing Jefferson

Chicago Sun-Times – Where’s the dissent about source of quote? BY MARK STEYN What does it mean when so many senior Democrats take refuge in an obvious bit of hooey? Thomas Jefferson would never have said anything half so witless. There is no virtue in dissent per se. When John F. Kennedy said, “We shall […]

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Parables For Glue Sniffers

The Sunday Times – Flying with the baby from hell, by Jeremy Clarkson Now, I’m all about Buddhism and its sound-of-one-hand-clapping insights, but really: Memo to the nation’s religious leaders. When delivering a sermon, here’s an idea: try to make it relevant or interesting in some way. I bring this up because last week on […]

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Signora Fallaci Writes a Book

Mcleans Books – Celebrate tolerance, or you’re dead: Oriana Fallaci appeals to Europe to save itself. Good luck. by MARK STEYN Racked by cancer, Oriana Fallaci spends most of her time in one of the few jurisdictions in the Western world where she is not in legal jeopardy — New York City, whence she pens […]

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Benefits for Burqas

LGF – No Welfare for Burqas A Dutch citizen of Moroccan descent has more common sense than most multiculturally self-blinded Dutch officials: Amsterdam Mulls Axing Dole for Women in Burqas. An official in Holland’s biggest city wants to introduce legislation that would ban unemployed women who wear a burqa from receiving welfare payments if it […]

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Just Because We Have to Doesn't Mean Anyone Will

The Sunday Times – We may have to bomb Iran, by Rod Liddle There doesn’t seem to be much doubt that their intention is to produce nuclear weapons; a handful every year, perhaps. The Natanz facility is partially underground, a fact that provoked the IAEA inspectors to note, rather drily, that this was “inconsistent” with […]

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Another Cringing Feminist

The Sunday Times – It’s been one damned climax after another<br/> Profile: Shere Hite It is the 30th anniversary of the American’s earth-moving announcement in The Hite Report that she had discovered what women liked in the bedroom. Her message was that women didn’t need men to find sexual satisfaction. Hite’s book, containing frank interviews […]

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I See a Procedural Problem

BBC – Vatican objects to Chinese bishop The Vatican has asked China’s state-controlled Catholic Church to halt the ordination of a bishop who has not been approved by Pope Benedict XVI. So, ehm, if he hasn’t been approved by the Vatican, who’s going to ordain him…? Hu? (I had a pun there, but decided to […]

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Look Who's a Military Historian

Ah, what a guy. GYLLENHAAL OFFENDS GULF WAR VETERANS Movie star JAKE GYLLENHAAL has shocked American Gulf War veterans by joking they did nothing but “[ahem]” during their time in the desert in 1991. The cheeky 25-year-old stars in JARHEAD, a movie exposing the US soldiers’ lack of combat in the Middle Eastern conflict. He […]

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There's That Tough European Follow-Through

This started out well enough (since this has been Britain’s, France’s, and Germany’s show all along): The Telegraph – Pressuring Teheran As in the months preceding the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the council’s responsibility for maintaining international peace and security is being challenged by a country that has repeatedly defied its will. Russia has […]

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Trading in the Politicians for a Nicely Inbred Imperialist

Telegraph – What can you expect from men on the make? By Simon Heffer It is that, in the days when the old governing class ran this country, things did seem to work better. They used to run an empire on the same number of people that now run a few NHS trusts. But they […]

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Nimbyism Extends to Pretty Politicians

Water tanks? That I can see. Electrical towers? Those too. But really: CDR Salamander – Anne Frank taught the Dutch nothing “Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s neighbors have sued the Dutch state in order to get her to be removed from the apartment complex in which she is living under police protection. The request was initially rejected, […]

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I've Never Been Very Musical [Cough]

ninme scrubs her past The Times – Sorry, Maestro Barenboim. Music is for idiots and Neanderthals, by Terence Kealey Autistic people seem to have made a related trade. The greatest determinant of musicality is pitch: the better your pitch, the more likely you are to enjoy music. And perfect pitch (the ability to sing a […]

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Somebody Saw United 93!

(Yesterday I was listening to Hugh Hewitt and Emmitt of the Unblinking Eye do the movie reviews, and Emmitt said that anyone in America involved with anyone will say “Will you come see United 93 with me?” And the other person will say “Are you crazy? There’s no way I’m seeing that movie!” and then […]

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I'm Sold

The Times – The man who plans to turn the world green – with tea<br/> Soft drinks maker’s mission is to make Japanese bottled green tea overtake Coca-Cola worldwide I expect full cooperation from you people.

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