So, I feel like I should post something about the White House Correspondent’s dinner. Reuters has a pretty good 2.5 minute clip of Bush ‘n Bush, then there’s Stephen Colbert’s famous routine (4:44 for that one or a longer 9:15). From what I’ve seen, the audience was dying during the Bush ‘n Bush routine, but Colbert had to deliver his pretty much flat. Didn’t work very well. The lefties are already heartily congratulating him, but uh, nobody laughed. Comedians are supposed to get laughs, not make diatribes. But then White House reporters are supposed to ask questions, not make diatribes, so maybe it was just something in the atmosphere. So, all in all kind of sad.

Oh, P.S. What I wanted to say is that Colbert makes a stupid crack about Bush standing for things, or at least standing on things, and he lists rubble, squares in New Orleans, aircraft carriers, things like that, but the “rubble” is meant to be the smoldering remains of the World Trade Center with all its still-entombed New Yorkers to an audience of still-united Americans, which, and I didn’t laugh at the rest but I didn’t get very upset by any of it either, I cringed at. Rather poorly done, I thought.