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Times Online – Bombing of Guernica: original Times report from 1937<br/> This article by George Steer of The Times brought to the world news of the massacre by German pilots of more than 1,000 civilians in the Basque town. The outrage inspired Pablo Picasso’s masterwork, and Steer has now been honoured for the piece THE […]

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Peter Recommends CXXVII

I heard rumours (exciting rumours!) about this a while back: Autoblog – Fiat Abarth 500 makes a comeback! They could have made it just a teensy bit cuter… It does look rather… Well, like all those Japanese cars, really. But hey, I’ll still buy it.

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Go Pam

Opinion Journal – No Way to Treat a Relative: Chimps shouldn’t be forced to live like me. BY PAMELA ANDERSON Now, I’m no fan of PETA, but this is really quite good.

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Crime, Punishment, and Statistics

City Journal – It’s This Bad, by Theodore Dalrymple I’ll skip all the gory details (because you’ll be reading them yourselves in mere moments) but put in two broad points: It is not difficult to guess the reason for the senior policeman’s anger. My wife had forced his men to record a crime that they […]

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It Ain't Bringing Down the New York Skyline, But What Can Y'Do?

LGF – Hosting Matters Attacked I’ve received quite a few emails this morning from people having trouble getting to blogs like Power Line and Captain’s Quarters. The reason for the problem: Hosting Matters is experiencing a Denial of Service attack. They’re working to block it now. … UPDATE at 4/28/06 9:27:25 am: The attack reportedly […]

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Foaming in Solidarity

Wheat & Weeds – Pardon The Mouth Foam The confusion of the possessive “its” (no apostrophe) with the contractive “it’s” (with apostrophe) is an unequivocal signal of illiteracy and sets off a simple Pavlovian “kill” response in the average stickler. The rule is: the word “it’s” (with apostrophe) stands for “it is” or “it has.” […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CXCVIII

I can’t tell you how rare it is to have two days in a row devoted to the same subject. This must be a first. Times Online – How I cracked the Smithy code (with a little help from the judge) By Ben Hoyle of The Times ‘If you can’t solve it now, you should […]

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And, Action!

FOXnews – U.S. Calls for Action After Iran Defies Security Council What, clucking tongues?

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Boris Sounds Jetlagged

I can just see him getting off his plane from China, opening his newspapers, and being very cranky. Telegraph – Labour’s law – just squawk loudly and take no action Labour’s new measures against civil protest mean that you cannot use a loudhailer. As we all saw at the Labour Party conference, you can’t heckle […]

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We're Much Better at Keeping Out of Politics Now

Wheat & Weeds – Petering Out Apparently Anglicanism is dying, and RC2′s already sharpening the steak knives for the fatted calf dinner. Personally, I thought they had the Archdruid to act as a sort non-Roman pope, and if not, they could certainly look to the queen, couldn’t they? If they’re that desperate? I have nothing […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CXCVII

BBC – Judge creates own Da Vinci code The judge who presided over the failed Da Vinci Code plagiarism case at London’s High Court hid his own secret code in his written judgement. Seemingly random italicised letters were included in the 71-page judgement given by Mr Justice Peter Smith, which apparently spell out a message. […]

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Peter Recommends CXXVI

Bubblehead better watch out, or I’ll have him cornered on the secret Soviet underground submarine base links market! Oh yes! Architecture Portal News – Soviet Underground Submarine Base Until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 Balaklava was one of the most secret towns in Russia. 10km south eas of Sevastopol on the Black […]

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It's the Puritans v. Charles, All Over Again

Light up the bonfires… Times2 – Savaged for my praise of our future Queen, by Damian Whitworth A few weeks ago, after spending two weeks following the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall around the Middle East and India, I wrote a piece about the experience. I concluded that the Duchess was the Prince’s […]

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Durbin For the People

I heard audio of this just now on Rush as I was fiddling with my links, and I was all “But why didn’t he say…!” FOXnews – Sen. Dick Durbin on Gas Price Politics CAVUTO: Senator, do you know how much, out of curiosity, is built into a gallon of gasoline, the profits of the […]

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I Crack the Whip

I’ve updated my links. The ones at the top of the list are the ones I regularly keep open all day (plus a couple interchangeable from the bottom of the list). The bottom of the list is listed alphabetically. I may check them every day, I may not. There were a bunch of them at […]

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