This started out well enough (since this has been Britain’s, France’s, and Germany’s show all along):

The Telegraph – Pressuring Teheran

As in the months preceding the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the council’s responsibility for maintaining international peace and security is being challenged by a country that has repeatedly defied its will. Russia has hardened its opposition to economic sanctions against Iran and may well veto such a move. If so, America, the European Union and Japan will have to go ahead on their own.

Despite the high oil price, Iran’s economy is its Achilles’ heel. According to World Bank figures, per capita income has more than halved since the 1979 revolution. Unemployment, especially among the young, and inflation are high, and the government remains wedded to an outdated model of import substitution.

The present confrontation has already caused a withdrawal of capital and inhibited foreign investment. It is through sanctions that Washington and its allies must first put pressure on a regime whose nationalistic stridency on the nuclear issue is a cloak for its corrupt and incompetent rule.

Oh thank you very much. To reuse a line from earlier, why don’t you use your own bloody allies for once, you ridiculous little twerps.