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The New Yorker – THE AGITATOR: Oriana Fallaci directs her fury toward Islam. by MARGARET TALBOT Read this.

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Get Thy Brand Right

Ahem. PoliPundit or (look at the top of the window) Polipundit. ninme has always only ever been ninme. Now I’ll find something else to blog on so this doesn’t remain at the top all night.

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Bubbleheadlets At the Movies

Best reviewing system ever. Bubblehead – A Tale Of Two Movies Reviewed: The Da Vinci Code and X-Men III.

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Telegraph – The cancer in China The media, although circumscribed, do bring environmental disasters to the public’s attention but, as Richard Spencer, our China Correspondent, reports today from Xiditou, there is no redress for their victims. Local officials who do not have to seek electoral approval are in cahoots with local businessmen whose only concern […]

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Peter Recommends CXXXVIII

TUAW – Kittens like Front Row Just the thing for Half.

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Life Imitates Tim Blair

Found last June: Tim Blair – FEAR OF STEAM Read that. Now go look at the movie poster for An Inconvenient Truth.

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Industrious Amnesty

The Spectator – Amnesty could kill itself, by Simon Caldwell It must be obvious to Amnesty’s leaders that the direction in which they want to go will cost them dearly in terms of membership, and it is no surprise that for all their enthusiasm to change their policy, they are, for now, somewhat reticent about […]

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Documenting a Ham Sandwich

NY Sun – GI’S BIG FAT SUIT VS. MOORE: SEEKS $85M FOR ‘LYING’ 9/11 CLIP A double-amputee Iraq-war vet is suing Michael Moore for $85 million, claiming the portly peacenik recycled an old interview and used it out of context to make him appear anti-war in “Fahrenheit 9/11.” Sweet. Good for him. Not rolling over […]

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A Little Belated Recommended Reading

I only saw this last night and didn’t finish it till just now: Opinion Journal – Memorial Day: Reflections on those who made the ultimate sacrifice. BY CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS But even this reflection can never abolish the insoluble problem: how to estimate the value of those whose lives were cruelly cut off before victory was […]

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Swarm Like Crickets

CNN – A reporter’s shock at the Haditha allegations. By Arwa Damon A story about the good and decent things Marines do under immense stress: I know the Marines that were operating in western al Anbar, from Husayba all the way to Haditha. I went on countless operations in 2005 up and down the Euphrates […]

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Callous, Cottage-Burning, Woman-Torturing Imperialists at the Movies

Times3 – A truly radical film would dare to tell the truth, by Michael Gove (Times3, eh? They keep moving the MP further and further into the supplements?) Therein lies his appeal for the Cannes jury. After awarding the Palme d’Or to Michael Moore in 2004 for Fahrenheit 9/11, Ken Loach was the obvious winner […]

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Industrious Bobby

Times Online – Picture of the day: removing a Zimbabwean town Amnesty International today released a satellite photograph of a shanty town in Zimbabwe that was destroyed during President Robert Mugabe’s Operation Murambatsvina (Drive Out Rubbish) last summer. Amazing. Amnesty International has the time to take away from its important work telling us we’re tantamount-to-torturing […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCIV

Yes I know it’s the first thing, but I haven’t had one in ages and it’s just so darned funny. Peter had it left open on his side this morning, probably for me to see, but technically it isn’t a Recommends. Reddit – Ask Reddit: What’s your favourite joke in the whole world? Submitted by […]

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Springtime In Paris

Ah, the birds are singing, the sun is shining, and the cars are glowing with the old familiar flame only temporarily extinguished by the cruel winter. The Times – Renewed riots force extra police into Paris suburbs POLICE sent reinforcements to the troubled suburbs of northern Paris yesterday after a night of rioting revived fear […]

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Chad Man's Hairy Wife

The Times – Grandpa! Leave that chimp alone! Who knows what it might lead to? Science Notebook by Anjana Ahuja I’m afraid my imagination has run riot, inspired by a story in Nature suggesting that our human ancestors interbred with chimpanzee ancestors. It’s not quite as explosive as suggesting that human beings slept with chimps, […]

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