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Holy Obstacle, Batman

The Times – Did Benedict XVI need to apologise at Auschwitz? Is the Pope Catholic? By Oliver Kamm Pope Benedict pointed at Auschwitz to literally the worst crime of our age, which was committed by those who certainly considered themselves emancipated from superstition, and the agents of supposedly scientific notions of race. But no amount […]

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Peter Recommends CXXXVII

Quoth Peter: :O Hasbro – HASBRO INTRODUCES ‘MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE’ TRANSFORMERS CLASSICS LINE Holy freaking crap that is so cool! I remember that space shuttle!

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Sniffle XVII

MilBlogs – Don’t Get Stuck on Stupid I swear to god I’m moving to Australia if politics here continues the way they are. Hell, I’ll move to East Timor if the Aussies are still around.

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And the Gringotts Goblins?

BBC – Opening the bank The Bank of England is a familiar name and institution. But how much do you know about the building and its cavernous bullion vaults? … But the inside of this landmark building remains relatively unknown, a slice of hidden London. That isn’t entirely accidental. Because large parts of the bank […]

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Dimwits All

The Times – Reader, you’re a right dimwit, by Libby Purves<br/> If good but little-known books are to be given prominence, publishers must be more resourceful Sigh…

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Genghis Khan Was a Republican

No wonder John Kerry was so upset. The Times – How I am related to Genghis Khan. By Mark Henderson<br/> A US accountant has proof that he is descended from the Mongol warlord He has little in common with his infamous ancestor. He is not a keen horseman. Though a Republican, his politics are moderate. […]

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Battle Hymns

I always feel like an idiot around Memorial Day. Either I’m keeping my head down because I don’t really have anything profound or meaningful to add, or else I raise my head, catch a glimpse of the little old men in the VFW caps marching in the parades and start bawling. NYT – The Troops […]

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Marriage Vows and Serial Monogamy

The Times – George and Tony. For ever, by Tim Hames<br/> The political partnership of Bush and Blair is more than just a cynical marriage of convenience The attacks on Mr Blair for his dealings with Mr Bush are based on a false nostalgia for the Clinton era, a failure to appreciate the realities that […]

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Giving Counseling

The Times – Bedroom abortions<br/> The popularity of early medical abortion should prompt soul-searching Last year 10,000 women ended their pregnancies in their own homes, using the abortion pill known as EMA (early medical abortion) that was introduced only in 2000. … A decision to terminate a pregnancy is always sad. It involves loss, pain […]

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Must Not Be a Civil War Buff

Fox 411 – Brad and Angelina’s Baby Lucky To Be Alive But let’s not make any mistake here: any pregnant woman in Namibia would trade just about anything to have her baby in the United States. And not to disparage other parts of the country, but the hospitals where Pitt and Jolie probably would have […]

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Strike One for American Education!

(Sorry) The Sunday Telegraph – It’s exam time for Britain’s dons – and they’re failing, badly. By Niall Ferguson Now, I don’t claim to be the perfect Prof. There have been times, I admit, when I’ve been late in returning essays; times when I’ve been late for meetings with students; times when I’ve missed deadlines […]

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Quality of Life

The Sunday Times – Trust me, work is more fun than fun, by Jeremy Clarkson Last week David Cameron suggested we should think less about money and more about the quality of life. And immediately every socialist in the land started running around shaking his fist, saying it’s all right for some with their big […]

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A Tale of Two Holocausts

The Times – At the heart of evil, a German pope prays for Auschwitz dead A DRAWN and grim-faced Pope Benedict XVI yesterday shattered a taboo in the often-blighted relationship between Christians and Jews by using his native German language to pray for forgiveness and reconciliation in the former Nazi concentration camp of Auschwitz. The […]

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Red Letter Day

Peculiarly, Friday I had almost two thousand visitors. Unique visitors. The last time I checked I was all excited because I’d gotten up to a thousand a day. I dunno what happened. I guess I’m just that talented. Ta.

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Clever Comedian

The Sunday Telegraph – Believe me, George Bush is a genius. By Alan B’Stard That is why the Anglo-American alliance has to consider an invasion of Iran – to secure and squander their oil. I know some of you fear that to invade Iran, on the pretext of combating the nuclear aspirations of President Ahmydinnerjacket, […]

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