So, yesterday, Reader Brett McS told us in the comments that:

Oz is out, Ghana was rolled over by Brazil, as expected, so the time has come to draw out the name of the next team, still in the competition, to support. And the winner is….. France!

Then I saw:

Telegraph – Spy

Divided loyalty

The World Cup can create new friendships or break up marriages, and I hear it has caused more than a little friction among the Minogue sisters.

“Kylie and I have to support the French team because of Ollie,” Dannii told me recently, referring to her sister’s French boyfriend, actor Olivier Martinez.

“The trouble is we’re going to get burnt on the cross by our Aussie relatives for doing it.”

Not that the French can count on the Lilliputian sisters’ unwavering support. “Kylie has been forced by Olivier to watch all the games so far, and has been telling me which ones are her favourites. We’ve both developed quite an admiration for Ronaldinho.”

Well, I’m with Ollie.