SMH – America’s liberals need to loosen up, by Michael Gawenda

On the other hand, because they have no coherent story to tell, liberals end up sounding wholly negative, motivated purely by anti-Americanism and hatred of Bush, more outraged by Bush and his Administration than by indiscriminate terrorist violence, the oppression of women and the religious intolerance and anti-democratic ideology of America’s, and liberal democracy’s, enemies.

America’s liberals need to do what their predecessors did 60 years ago at the start of the Cold War when the mainstream left in America adopted a nuanced, yet clear, anti-communism that involved a recognition that the US was not wholly good, that it was capable of evil and that while America was – as now – an unrivalled superpower, it was best for the US to build and support international institutions.

Yes, an unrivaled superpower, except for that other one, the Soviet Union, with a nuanced, yet clear position that let the Cold War go on for all those 60 years.

Then that idiot simplistic right-wing Reagan had to come along and end it in a decade. I guess that’s what he means by “capable of evil”?

Curtsy: Tim Blair, who quotes this bit:

There are signs that an increasing number of people on the left in the US, Europe and Australia are uncomfortable with knee-jerk anti-Americanism, with the left’s virtual silence in response to the unspeakable violence of Islamic totalitarianism, with the way Western feminists have basically turned their back on their oppressed sisters in much of the Muslim world. Many people would say about time.

Meanwhile, also in Tim Blair’s post, a reporter said something snarky and half-true about the PM, and the PM defended itself! Again! God, what paradise.