RCP – Hamdan v. Rumsfeld: Common Sense at War. By Ronald A. Cass

(On the jurisdiction question (“but it was kinda there!”), I just want to say Bush v. Gore. And Terri Schiavo.)

The Times – Listen to the veterans: America must decide if it’s right to be in Iraq or not, by Gerard Baker

(I am sick to death of Vietnam and its veterans.)

The Telegraph – Close Guantánamo

(Lord, save me from the British.)

Telegraph – Israel’s new leader must stop trying to emulate Sharon. By Con Coughlin

(By all means, let’s describe Israel’s actions as “extreme military measures”.)

LGF – Hollywood Abandoning America

(I wasn’t all that wound up about the movie to begin with, but any lingering interest has just fluttered right away.)

The Examiner – Robert Cox: Americans deserve better than Keller’s open letter, by Robert Cox

Meanwhile, King County just faxed me a hotel reservation confirmation for someone not residing at this number at the Arlington Doubletree. God I love government.