They just kill me.

BBC – Ghanaians proud after Brazil loss

You might be forgiven for thinking that Ghana beat Brazil 3-0, rather than the reverse.

But for many people in the streets, the defeat of the Black Stars had little to do with the players. For them the culprit was the man in the middle.

“I’m proud of the Black Stars, but I’m angry with the referee. We played against 12 Brazilians. Next time we should take our own referee to the World Cup,” a young woman wrapped in the national colours blurted out before skipping off to dance with a brass band parading on Oxford Street, a colourful shopping area in Accra.

“Daylight Robbery!” read one placard. “Stolen Verdict!” another spat out.

There were a few harsh words too for the Ghanaian strikers.

“Even Stevie Wonder would have scored with some of the chances we had,” lamented Kpakpo Allotey, a Black Stars replica shirts vendor, obviously not satisfied with the killing he has made during this World Cup season.

They’re hilarious! (My first post, here.)