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Send In the Assassins

UPI – Putin authorizes death for Iraqi killers Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday ordered the country’s secret service to locate and kill the Iraqis who executed four Russian diplomats. Putin issued the order after conferring with Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia in Moscow, the Interfax news agency reported. Putin also issued […]

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Next World Cup, We're Goin' to Ghana

They just kill me. BBC – Ghanaians proud after Brazil loss You might be forgiven for thinking that Ghana beat Brazil 3-0, rather than the reverse. But for many people in the streets, the defeat of the Black Stars had little to do with the players. For them the culprit was the man in the […]

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Uh, Death, Please. No, Cake! Cake!

The Times – The Lambeth walk<br/> The Archbishop of Canterbury shows true leadership No one could accuse Rowan Williams of not saying that extra prayer or going the extra mile along the rocky road. He has wrestled with the tensions, arguments and conflict over homosexual clergy for more than three years in an attempt to […]

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Constitutional Fiddling

And it’s not us. The Times – Immobilismo triumphs – yet again, by Rosemary Righter<br/> Italians, in a fit of fear and loathing, have decided to ensure Italy remains ungovernable One reason I’m linking to this is because it’s the first time I’ve ever found anything that made me feel like I had the slightest, […]

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Poor Solitary Socceroo

I just find this unbearably sweet: SMH – A victim – but one day a king HIS coach said it wasn’t a penalty. His teammates insist it wasn’t a penalty. And more than 20,000 of his fans, watching the game live at Kaiserslautern or at one of the many Fanfest sites round Germany will always […]

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President Bush and More Oppression of Muslims

Opinion Journal – The Price of Speaking Out: Why Beijing beat and jailed my sons. BY REBIYA KADEER I was left to contemplate the high price I have paid for speaking out about the plight of my people, the 10 million Turkic Uighurs who have suffered under Communist Chinese rule since 1949. That price began […]

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And the Miniature Collectable Ashtrays?!

BBC – German plans airline for smokers On its website Smintair promises to “bring back the exclusivity in flying encountered in the 1960s”. The plan is to fly two leased Boeing 747s on the Duesseldorf-Tokyo route. … On the website Mr Schoppmann writes nostalgically about the old times when Lufthansa offered its passengers a vast […]

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Crazy Unbelievable Land

The Times – When everything is illegal, a guilty conscience seeps into your dreams. Harare Notebook by Jan Raath “A TOTAL OF 282 bakeries have been arrested for selling bread above the controlled price,” state radio reported on Friday. Yes, said the young woman with the flashing smile who runs the bakery where I get […]

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Tiptoeing Ridiculed

LGF – Elephant Not Sighted in Denver God it just sucks the energy right out of you.

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We're Such Bastards

Unbelievable. Times Online – Three Britons to stand trial in US over Enron The European Court of Human Rights today refused to halt extradition proceedings against three British bankers wanted in the United States on fraud charges relating to the collapse of energy company Enron. … The so-called NatWest Three have been fighting against their […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCXII

Comment at Tim Blair‘s, from Dean McAskil: I think I understand this game now because I want to riot.

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Peter Recommends CXLIX

Peter says: This is SO you, it’s not even funny: WorldGlobes.com – Old World Table Top Bar Globe Ah, he knows me well, that guy.

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Let's Speculate

FOXnews – Rowling Says Two Characters Will Die in Final Harry Potter Book So, who do we think it’ll be? I say …no I thought I had a guess but now I don’t. “I have never been tempted to kill him off before the final because I’ve always planned seven books, and I want to […]

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Now That's Solidarity

Peter showed me this over the weekend. Imagine the size of the box if they sold it as a set. Imagine what the conversation must have been like when he called up for enough grey blocks. Brickshelf Gallery – AircraftCarrier in Minifig Size Harry S. Truman

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The Middle Class Guilt, Man

Telegraph – Middle-class guilt means we are doomed to more crime. By Janet Daley I have lost count of the number of Home Office ministers and opposition spokesmen who have made their pilgrimages to William Bratton, New York’s famous former police chief, to ask, like questing travellers in an Arabian legend, “What is the secret?” […]

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