The Times – The Lambeth walk<br/> The Archbishop of Canterbury shows true leadership

No one could accuse Rowan Williams of not saying that extra prayer or going the extra mile along the rocky road. He has wrestled with the tensions, arguments and conflict over homosexual clergy for more than three years in an attempt to hold together a Church of England more rent with division than at any time for the past two centuries. The effort has cost the office of archbishop dear and has brought the Church to the brink of schism. Now he has decided that the time for emollience is over. Exasperated by the repeated failure of the Episcopal Church of the United States of America to heed the pleas for restraint from other members of the Anglican Communion, he has drafted plans to expel the Americans from the worldwide Anglican Church, and offer it only “associate” membership. It is schism in all but name.


So, to once again prove my point whose fault it actually is that people around the world find us overbearing, hegemonic, and inclined to throw our weight around just because we’re rich:

A question that arises, but has rightly played little part in the theological debate, is money. The US Church is rich, and underwrites much of the budget of Anglicans in Africa and the developing world. That, and ownership of American church buildings, is a matter now for lawyers to settle.