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Who Knew This Was a Shooting Offense

This is just… Well, hysterical, really. Telegraph – Terror raid victim faces arrest over child porn images A man shot in an anti-terrorist raid faces questioning over the alleged discovery of child pornography images on a computer seized by police. … He is expected to be asked about what are said to be “extremely disturbing” […]

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Bingo, Bango, Bongo, and Mexico

So, folks, a couple countries have been trying to have elections. First, we have Mexico. A country with a long and proud tradition, an ancient culture unmatched on the continent and a modern society born from the Spanish Empire. A wealthy country with a modern populace and incredible natural resources and natural beauty. A large […]

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Just a Little Invasion, Day XVIII

Times Online – Villagers flee during lull as Israeli anger grows over ‘U-turn’ Lebanese civilians today fled from battered villages near the Israeli border, taking advantage of a temporary halt to Israeli air strikes after yesterday’s mass killing in Qana. Anyone else wondering why they’re only “fleeing” now? I mean, the word “flee” denotes some […]

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Sniffle XXII

Even the dogs! Courier-Mail – Rescued terrier returns favour JUST a few months after being rescued near death from an industrial bin, hero pooch Jerry has saved a life of his own. The tiny fox terrier cross recently stood between two-year-old Reuben Wright and a deadly brown snake in the garden of the family’s property […]

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Senator's Son

The Times – Like father, like son: McCains send next generation to war But the timing is certainly unusual. If, as expected, the elder McCain throws his hat into the White House ring, he could join Franklin D. Roosevelt as one of the only presidential candidates to have had a son at war. Four of […]

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Atlas Shrugging

The Sunday Times – America, the superhero who would rather be Clark Kent. By Niall Ferguson Unfortunately for Mr Blair, the rest of the world has a diametrically different view of the USA. According to the latest Pew Global Attitudes survey, even we Britons regard the American presence in Iraq as a bigger danger to […]

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Just a Little Invasion, Revisiting the Owners Manual

FOXnews – Israeli Attack on Lebanese Village Kills Dozens, Sparks Angry Protests Israel apologized for the deaths but blamed Hezbollah guerrillas, saying they had fired rockets into northern Israel from near the building. LGF – Hizballah Human Shields Hizballah continues to use Lebanese civilians as human shield… Australia’s Herald Sun has obtained pictures of Hizballah […]

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Crisis Over; Not Yet Resolved

LGF – The Usual Suspects Another classic from Cox & Forkum. LGF – Seattle Muslim Used 13-Year Old Girl In Attack and Wheat & Weeds – Hezbollah Is A Mental Illness She’s exploring the sleeper cell possibility, and the wisdom of a swift MSM judgement. Update: Just to prove, as RC2 says, that I was […]

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It's Good to Be Sean Bean

So BBC America has been showing the Sharpe TV series, and man, it’s amazing the way the damsels in distress are tripping out from behind every shrub.

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Just a Little Invasion, Day XIV

FOXnews – Israeli Attack on Lebanese Village Kills at Least 56, Sparks Outrage (“Sparks”? Not “continuously fuels” or “fans already hard to fan-much-more flames” or “impossibly, gets even more condemnation and outrage from the already incredibly busy world community”?) At least 56 people, more than half children, were killed Sunday in an Israeli airstrike that […]

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So, Today…

…We went to the Ballard Locks to see the salmon running. I don’t think there is anything in the natural world that has such an ability to depress me. Anyway. Then we did a lot of picture organizing and an album to send to friends in Naples, then another whole disc of Lost while eating […]

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479 to 500!

Lookit what we found! Fiat 500 – Wants You You can build your own!!!

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So We've Started Watching Lost

Just saw four hours of it. Well, two hours and forty minutes, sans the ads. Four episodes, at any rate. First disc. So. Yeah.

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Crisis Managed

I’ve called Peter, and he’s not dead. Nor is he being sequestered in his office. Which is a block away. From the Jewish Federation building. Where people were just shot. Update (incidentally, this is my 5400th post): Apparently the Jewish Federation building, you have to be buzzed in, there’s a gate, bullet-proof glass, after 9/11 […]

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Random Observations of a Weird World

Rush Limbaugh’s Wikipedia entry isn’t neutrality-disputed, but Mel Gibson’s is.

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