I’ve called Peter, and he’s not dead. Nor is he being sequestered in his office. Which is a block away. From the Jewish Federation building. Where people were just shot.

Update (incidentally, this is my 5400th post):

Apparently the Jewish Federation building, you have to be buzzed in, there’s a gate, bullet-proof glass, after 9/11 they beefed up security even more (boy, those Joooos and their deviousness) so the question is how the hell a gunman or two got into the place.

And apparently the man on the second floor we’re all waiting for has a long-range rifle and a good view up the street.

And Medved’s on Hugh Hewitt.

One of the comments at LGF:

#46 thscott 7/28/2006 05:06PM PDT

My gut says that this was just a nut… Seattle is crawling with them… you can’t go two blocks without hearing someone babbling to himself. If this was connected to Hezbollah it would have been much more deadly.

It’s true. I’ve been complaining about that to Peter since we moved here. There are so many crazy people on the streets here. I mean, it’s not a big city, but the population density of yelling nuts is so much heavier than Philly or New York.

Okay, real update:

King5 is saying one person is confirmed dead. Link at Kiro.

Oh and the one man arrested was taken down by a bike cop.

Another real update:

Apparently the shooter called the police and told them he was shooting people. There’s an assistant chief of police or something on TV right now. Not saying anything about a guy with a rifle, but he doesn’t know much about motives etc.

Oh they’re just looping the same footage over and over now.

Whoops spoke too soon. A big SWAT truck and a bunch of fire trucks “in an unusual formation” according to the man on tv just pulled up.

Footage looping again. Looking at the “perp”, he looks rather normal. Let’s speculate. What if it turned out to be a pissed-off divorcé, or something.

Uh oh, real update:

The guy arrested is a “Pakistani male” with a “criminal history”. No word on his immigration status, or lack thereof.

I don’t suppose a Pakistani man might have an ex-wife inside the Jewish center on the eve of the Sabbath that he wants to get revenge on.


The police guy is on again, and he says that the guy who was arrested was the only guy, and basically they’re investigating the crime scene. So no second man/sniper, and I guess the bomb squad and Swat team and all those guys that pulled up are just going through the motions. Probably fairly good practice, after all. But traffic remains unmoving, and Peter is going to need to get home somehow.

Whoops again, something just happened. “Activity.” Who knows.

Ah. Members of a “Joint Terrorism Task Force” (how 24!) have just run into the parking garage beneath the Bed, Bath & Beyond, presumably after the suspect’s “vehicle”.


So the guy got through security, announced he’s an American Muslim, and he’s mad at Israel, and started shooting. The police are doing a presser now.


The lady who was 21 weeks pregnant and shot in the forearm (did I mention her yet?), she’s supposed to be fine.

Final Update:

Seattle police chief:

Kerlikowske said the shooting will be treated as a homicide and a hate crime.