FOXnews – Israeli Attack on Lebanese Village Kills Dozens, Sparks Angry Protests

Israel apologized for the deaths but blamed Hezbollah guerrillas, saying they had fired rockets into northern Israel from near the building.

LGF – Hizballah Human Shields

Hizballah continues to use Lebanese civilians as human shield…

Australia’s Herald Sun has obtained pictures of Hizballah using residential areas as launching zones for their terror attacks: Photos that damn Hezbollah.

LGF – Qana Propaganda Begins to Fall Apart

A very interesting bit of news about the Qana incident: IDF: Qana building fell hours after strike.

Infinitives Unsplit – The world’s a sea of “shit”

Translation [Of Article 51 of the Geneva Conventions] : if combatants of Party A set up in the middle of a village, are subsequently attacked by Party B and civilians die, PARTY A has contravened the protocol and is responsible for the death of those civilians. Military targets are always military targets. It is up to the combatants on each side to ensure that they do not put the civilians around them in danger.

Hezbollah sets up in the middle of villages. It hides amongst civilians. When it is attacked by the IDF, it is Hezbollah – NOT THE IDF – that is responsible for any civilian deaths.

FOXnews – Israel Agrees to Temporarily Suspend Airstrikes Against Southern Lebanon

Israel has agreed to a 48-hour halt in aerial activity over southern Lebanon, a U.S. official said Sunday amid widespread outrage over an Israeli airstrike that killed at least 56 Lebanese, mostly women and children, when it leveled a building where they had taken shelter.

In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny, I think someone forgot to make a right turn at Albuquerque.

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