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Crisis Managed

I’ve called Peter, and he’s not dead. Nor is he being sequestered in his office. Which is a block away. From the Jewish Federation building. Where people were just shot. Update (incidentally, this is my 5400th post): Apparently the Jewish Federation building, you have to be buzzed in, there’s a gate, bullet-proof glass, after 9/11 […]

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Random Observations of a Weird World

Rush Limbaugh’s Wikipedia entry isn’t neutrality-disputed, but Mel Gibson’s is.

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The Rose and Milton Show

I’ve been trying to link to this all week. Opinion Journal (7.22) – The Romance of Economics: Milton and Rose Friedman: Dinner with Keynes? Yes. War with Iraq? They disagree. BY TUNKU VARADARAJAN PALO ALTO, Calif.– Off to a good start. – One doesn’t interview a man like Milton Friedman–the Nobel laureate in economics in […]

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Crawford Real Estate Boomlet

Tim Blair – FIVE ACRES OF PEACE Damn. Five acres for $52,500. I can get about a fifth of an acre here for around $500,000. I think Crawford is where it’s at. It’s got an airport, and it’s bound to be well-wired. Very little noise pollution from overhead air traffic, too.

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Just a Little Invasion, Day XVII

Hm. LGF – Four Syrian Trucks Bombed Syria is still apparently attempting to resupply Hizballah with weapons. Syria continues to try to expand its resupplying effort of Hezbollah. Four Syrian trucks crossing the border into Lebanon were attacked by air Wednesday night. I wonder if they had Syrian plates. Update: WaPo – ‘Disproportionate’ in What […]

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Horsemen. Lots of Horsemen. Riding In Through the Window.

Now they’re standing there behind me, reading this over my shoulder. It’s a little weird. So who’s been reading Garfield this week?

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Sniffle XXI

A birthday walkabout: SMH – PM greeted by fans on his birthday Prime Minister John Howard began his 67th birthday in Melbourne with a kiss on the cheek and a rock star welcome from adoring teenagers on his regular morning walk. And as he powered through the three-kilometre walk under grey skies beside Melbourne’s murky […]

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Just a Little Invasion, Day XVI

The Times – When in Rome, don’t forget the bombs of 1983, by Kevin Toolis (a terrorism expert. His documentary series Cult of the Suicide Bomber II will be shown on Channel 4 in September<br/> If anyone believes a multilateral force will sort Hezbollah out, the story of Ahmed Qassir will dissuade them IN THE […]

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It's Been a Week and They're Still Married

As Vegas weddings go, that’s quite an achievement. So, a brief photographic tour of my four days in Las Vegas. <br/> At Studio 54. Champagne was drunk; members of the opposite sex were met. And the pool at the MGM Grand. <br/> New York, New York and the front of the MGM Grande from the […]

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The Museum of Sex

So, you know how (or maybe you don’t, I don’t know) Michelangelo‘s sculptures of women tended to be sculptures of men with breasts stuck onto them? Because, you see, he spent so much time studying the human form (who here read The Agony and the Ecstasy?) but only the male form, he never really figured […]

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Pop Quiz

Question: Hugh Hewitt has this on one of his bumpers: “I come as one who wishes you to fulfill your noble destiny of service to the world” And I struggled with this for weeks, with it on the tip of my cortex, but could not put my finger on it. Then I looked it up […]

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Admittedly I'm Catholic…

So I don’t know crap about the Bible, but uh, don’t Muslims read the Old Testament too…? Tim Blair – BAN THE BIBLE More from Abu Hamza, sworn Bible foe: Islamic Information and Services Network president Abu Hamza, of Coburg, wants the Bible banned because it incites violence. He called Archbishop George Pell a “clown” […]

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My Firstborn Shall Be Called… Lewis

LGF – Canadian General: UN Observer Post Used By Hizballah So I can’t fastforward to get you a transcript, but besides the bit that Charles found interesting: We received emails from him a few days ago, and he was describing the fact that he was taking fire within, in one case, three meters of his […]

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Take This, Allah Fish!

CDR Salamander – Ooooo, lookie what we found in a bog Hey, we all take our signs from somewhere. Just some people get better signs than others.

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Fewtril True

The Joy of Curmudgeonry – Fewtril #109 Nothing is as important as it seems at first — or: complacency wins in the end. Too true. I’ve noticed in the past few days more and more blogs, radio people, news people talking about Domestic Politics, at the expense of Israel v Lebanon/Palestinians, the Indian Bombing (which […]

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