This is just… Well, hysterical, really.

Telegraph – Terror raid victim faces arrest over child porn images

A man shot in an anti-terrorist raid faces questioning over the alleged discovery of child pornography images on a computer seized by police. …

He is expected to be asked about what are said to be “extremely disturbing” images of children.

I say shoot him again.

It emerged recently that the Metropolitan Police, which tore apart the fabric of the house in its search, has spent more than £30,000 to keep the brothers and their family in a four-star hotel since the raid on June 2.

Along with their parents and two women, believed to be their sisters, they have been booked into five rooms at a Holiday Inn in Bloomsbury, central London, where single and double rooms cost £190 per night.

The facilities include a pool, sauna and spa.

I bet there’s children in that pool. Little girls with those cute little frilly bikini numbers.