(I saw this last night and just could not wait until today to post it.)


“How can you tell who someone’s god is?” asks Orson Scott Card. “You look to see whose name they invoke as the cause of all things, good or bad. By that standard, the god of the devout Left is Global Warming.” Here’s Orson’s Psalm of Al:

  1. Great storms ravage our cities, and the wise man saith: Global Warming hath done this.

  2. Drought keepeth all storms at bay, and the wise man saith: This also hath Global Warming done.

  3. Global Warming maketh the oceans rise; it maketh deep snow to fall;

  4. Flood and fire, feast and famine, typhoon and tornado, hail and lightning, all things good and bad that come from sky or sea, Global Warming hath made them all.

  5. And when our homes are beneath the waves, we shall know that Global Warming in its wrath hath seen our sins.

  6. For our vehicles that glut themselves on oil, for the trees we cut and land we clear,

  7. For the cooling and heating of our houses, for the plowing and harvesting of our fields, we are punished.

  8. Whenever we burn carbon and release it into the air, we shall know that Global Warming seeth it, and is wroth.

  9. O man! Thou hast flouted the great god of the sky, and by three degrees of temperature we shall be burned,

  10. For Global Warming is a jealous god, and small and annoying is man.

9′s my favourite.