Why go through the time and effort to force your way inside a secure building, when you can just mow the Jooos down in the street, without ever leaving your car?

Hugh Hewitt – Terrorist Attack in SF? (no link because his new “blog” is retarded. yeah, thanks dude for writing the book on it, then being a dumbass. okay sorry. spleen vented.

When a man named Ohmeed Aziz Popal runs over 14 people over an hour or two, the best thing to do is think terrorism.

So where is the MSM? The attacks began five and half hours ago.

UPDATE: A caller to the program who stated he had lived in the neighborhood where the attacks occured asserted that this is a heavily Jewish neighborhood. I have not found that confirmed in the media accounts yet.

UPDATE: Four callers have confirmed that without doubt this is a Jewish neighborhood, and that one of the victimns was run over in front of the Jewish Community Center in the area.

UPDATE: From an e-mail:

Look on the web! the JCC located at 3200 California St. Site of one of the attacks: 3250 California ST.

Please keep an eye out for the first MSM mention you see that this may very well be another mass casualty attack on Jewish Americans, the second in two months.