The Times – Smart ass<br/> The long arm of the South African law saddles up the donkeys

At least in South Africa, however, the donkey may not feel bypassed by time. The animal is to play a key role in the fight against crime. “If you don’t have a car, ride a bicycle or a donkey,” the Minister of Police told new recruits. The cops may be slower arriving than in a Mercedes; but at least the donkey can make it to distant shanty towns and villages on the veld to enforce the law.

The CID may balk at this transport: donkeys are rarely credited with intelligence, and nobody likes a smart ass. They are surely underestimated. A donkey is the perfect vehicle, even in modern cities. It can find its way home unaided, a boon to drunks, the weary and those with no sense of direction. It can cope with potholes, runs on cheap fuel and isn’t as temperamental as a 1979 Austin Allegro. They are the perfect police vehicle. Saddle up!