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I seem to remember a few of my readers get excited over Czech girls. So here’s one for you: ABC (Oz) The Shallow End – Miss World Czechs in

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Finally Some British News I Can Report On!

The British news is still crushingly tedious, but I’ve managed to tease out something worthwhile from all my time spent reading it: Telegraph – Notebook by Simon Heffer (fourth item) A cheaper way to get rid of pigeons Like most English taxpayers, I have long felt the Scottish Parliament has not wasted enough of my […]

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It's Good Having Stephen Around

CTV – Harper forces debate on Mideast declaration Members of the Francophonie summit have agreed to a compromise on a contentious resolution after Prime Minister Stephen Harper blocked the original proposal. The original wording of the resolution recognized Lebanon’s suffering in this summer’s 34-day conflict, but not Israel’s. Harper took a strong stance against the […]

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I Have Another Question

Is there a sort of Inspector Morse Appreciation Society out there, that keeps track of the music featured on the show? Or, is there a classical music enthusiast among (amongst?) you that wants to run out and rent Who Killed Harry Field and tell me what that song is?

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A Good Clue As To What's Wrong With the US

I’ve been getting onto Amazon a few times this morning getting links, and I just noticed this out of the corner of my eye, in the margins under “You recently viewed”, The Torment of Others, by Val McDermid (which I needed the link for for this post), with the blurb: A serial killer is trolling […]

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Laws of Proportion

I’ve been hearing about this, but I finally looked at it: Michelle Malkin – Malkin Derangement Syndrome Someone stuck her head on a woman standing next to a fridge in a bikini with her tank top hiked up, supposedly from 1992 (not that anyone wore bikinis like that in 92, but someone’s already found it […]

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North Woods

So, for my whole life, basically, my interest in going to the Minnesota/Michiganny parts of this country has registered in the negative numbers. The mosquitos, for one thing, the Fargo effect, for another. The funny accents, the weather, the weird department stores no one’s ever heard of. But now they’ve got this sort of thing […]

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Peter Recommends CLXXII

College Humor – One of many reasons a pro-life rally isn’t a great place to pick up women. I think it’s meant to be funny. “Duuude, look at that idiot!” I think it’s the most depressing thing I’ve ever seen on video.

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Abdication Reflections of the MSM

Back in February, 2005, I transcribed this: “Over my shoulder, a backward glance. This Paul Harvey was still in high school in Tulsa, OK, working evenings on KVOO, when the studios were in the top of the Philtower skyscraper. So I was on duty when the King of England, in love with an American woman, […]

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I Suppose We Could Blame France…

The Times – New friends, old problems<br/> The tortuous evolution of the EU’s latest converts Two years after joining the EU, and 17 years after allowing the exodus of East Germans that precipitated the Soviet collapse, Hungary is in the throes of political crisis. Its Prime Minister, Ferenc Gyurcsany, has admitted serial deceit about his […]

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The Kazakh News Is Snowballing

Talk about a nation at a cross-roads. I guess my last story just tipped them over the edge. They’ve taken a right onto the interstate. That photo just kills me. Remember the line from the last one, When Kazakhstan’s democracy-shy president, Nursultan Nazarbayev, makes his stately progress to meet President Bush at the White House […]

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Edinburgh Correspondent Rueful Red Filed This Report

It did cross my mind to make this the funniest item of the day, but then I rebuked myself: Climate change is a serious issue. my comments – The Tale of Rueful Red and the Penitent Eco-Fascist I didn’t get the chance to ask a question, I was in stitches by the finish, he really […]

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Tales From Seattle

The Democratic Party just called with a recorded message asking me to make sure that everyone in my household was registered to vote, because by voting we can get change, especially on the war in Iraq, presumably by voting for the same Democrats that have represented us in DC and Olympia for time immemorial. And […]

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"Signs of Things" That Are

The Joy of Curmudgeonry – Idemeneo and the Poltroons In other words, before the Mohammedans have even had the time to whet their knives or sharpen their damnations, the poltroons of the West are grovelling for their pardon. No specific threat is required. If we were dudes, we’d be telling the Germans, “Dude, you’re so […]

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The Jack Bauer Factor

Sorry, I don’t buy it. The Instapundit introduces an article by saying this: It’s a few days old, but I believe this analysis remains on-point And the article itself says this: On several fundamental points, a consensus has taken shape. First, torture should be legally off-limits, period, regardless of circumstances. Hardly anyone says otherwise. And […]

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