I love it.

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After a 6 week long tsunami of Page A1 and B1 stories on every smear, rumor and allegation they can find, the Washington Post has the temerity to write

We hope the present discussion won’t drown out a broader debate about what each candidate would seek to accomplish as a senator.

Yes, if only there was some sort of media outlet — I don’t know, a newspaper or something — who could tell us about the important issues.

  • Stories the Washington Post has done involving ‘macaca’ in the past 60 days:


Stories the Washington Post has done involving George Allen’s major energy policy proposal:


What kind of hard-hitting piece did the Washington Post do on Senator Allen’s Energy Policy proposal? Six sentences in an article about Nancy Reagan asking the Webb campaign to pull an ad. The Washington Post and WashingtonPost.com have published as many sentences on Senator Allen’s energy policy proposal as they published stories involving ‘macaca’. . .today alone.

Ahhh. I love it. Curtsy: Instapundit, which means a fair number of people are partaking of this delightful new trend.