CTV – Harper forces debate on Mideast declaration

Members of the Francophonie summit have agreed to a compromise on a contentious resolution after Prime Minister Stephen Harper blocked the original proposal.

The original wording of the resolution recognized Lebanon’s suffering in this summer’s 34-day conflict, but not Israel’s.

Harper took a strong stance against the Egyptian-proposed resolution which most of the 72 members supported. He urged the organization to recognize the suffering of both nations.

After returning to the conference table to hammer out the wording of the resolution, the French-speaking states eventually agreed unanimously to support a compromise that called for the end of hostilities and a return to calm. …

French President Jacques Chirac urged members to consider Harper’s proposal.

Lebanon had reservations, however. Culture Minister Tarek Mitri said he wanted a resolution that favoured his country and condemned the war as deplorable.

He also said Canada was the only country that opposed the original resolution.

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Here’s the Wiki on La Francophonie. We’re not members, despite Louisiana (pff).