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History Hitch

All the War on Terror talk the past few weeks has been so depressing I’ve been rather ignoring it all, so let’s all pause and regroup… Slate – Rushing for the ExitIf we leave Iraq, what happens to the supporters of democracy? By Christopher Hitchens I am glad that all previous demands for withdrawal or […]

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History Boy Speaks

Last week I was perusing the Apple trailers and saw the one for The History Boys, which I sent it to Rueful Red, since it’s about a bunch of history students trying to get places at Oxbridge, and he actually studied (read?) history at Cambridge. I hadn’t heard from him in time to put on […]

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Wakity Waziristan

I tink dere’s someting scwewy going on awound hewe! Wheat & Weeds – Wild Just Outside Waziristan I take Pakistan’s raid on a madrassa in “tribal territory” as evidence I read the underlying meaning of Musharaf’s treaty with Waziristan correctly. Here’s one instance in which I can well believe Ahmed the al-Qaeda operative: “It was […]

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Sheik Hilali on a Stag Night

Tim Blair has the photo!

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Honeymoon in Pakistan

The Sunday Times – Charles flies into mixed marriage storm PRINCE CHARLES will fly into a bitter religious row today when he arrives in Pakistan to promote greater tolerance between Muslims and Christians. The Prince of Wales will tour Pakistan to support President Pervez Musharraf’s policy of “enlightened moderation”, and encourage a better understanding between […]

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And Speaking of Public Transit…

Getting some stuff from the weekend out of the way… Power Line – Why Do They Hate Buses? A young woman is near death in Marseilles tonight, after a group of “youths” fire-bombed this bus: Click for a pic. And speaking of France… LGF – French Jawdropper of the Day You think you’ve seen French […]

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Socialist America and Freemarket Britain

Telegraph – Home front. By Philip Johnston: There’s no going back for our buses About Maggie privatizing the buses outside of London in the 80s. I only mention it because legend has it (specifically: my dad’s ranting has it) that there was a bus system at home (Santa Clara Valley) that was run by Greyhound, […]

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Prezza in Malaya

Hehehe The Telegraph – A gaffe too far John Prescott seemed to have been holding his breath as he toured Korea, Japan and China. But, when he reached Malaysia, the buttons pinged across the room and the belly burst out. To the delight of Prescott-watchers, he finished off the tour with a malapropism, using the […]

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Silly Students

The Times – March of the student dinosaurs, by Gabriel Rozenberg<br/> If these protesters were true radicals they would have demanded the right to pay more HOW WOULD you feel if I told you that reading this column would cost you £25,000? More than a little short-changed, I’d bet. But it does. You see, not […]

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Of Kittens and Rattens

The Sunday Times – The ideal pet? Here, nice ratty, by Jeremy Clarkson So what, then, with my wealth of experience of the animal kingdom would I recommend if you don’t want a dog any more? Well not a cat, obviously — despicable animals, the four-legged equivalent of a footballer’s wife: pretty, well groomed and […]

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Koala Konfusion

Uhhh… Times Online – Test tube koala joeys unveiled They may be cute, but these particular baby koalas also have a less obvious claim over the majority of their cuddly counterparts – they were produced as a result of artificial insemination. Three of the joeys, all born on the Gold Coast in Queensland state, were […]

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Someone in the Media Noticed Nigeria! II

A man of peace has died in Nigeria, the country in which he he was spiritual leader. BBC – Nigerian sultan among crash dead The spiritual leader of Nigeria’s Muslims was among those killed after a plane carrying about 100 people crashed near the capital, Abuja, officials say. The Sultan of Sokoto Mohammadu Maccido and […]

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It's 2am, Do You Know Where Your Marriage Certificate Is?

Um… Okay the way this is written is really weird (but then it is written by a Malaysian). The Star – Couple in khalwat raid may drop second home plan, By SIRA HABIBU LANGKAWI: Retired American policeman Randal Barnhart, who was subjected to a 2am raid by religious enforcement officers, is reconsidering his plan to […]

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A Tale of Two Neighbors

The Sunday Times – Israelis put nuclear bunkers in gardens LGF – Hizballah’s Home Improvement Program Let’s send in Carol Smillie.

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Oxford, Wilhelm, Maggie and Doctor Khatami

I’ll just slap the whole thing on here, if you don’t mind. The Times – How honours can go one degree too far, by Graham Stewart THE HONORARY degree is the highest class of grade inflation. British universities have been doling them out since the 15th century. In 1759 the University of St Andrews conferred […]

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