Getting some stuff from the weekend out of the way…

Power Line – Why Do They Hate Buses?

A young woman is near death in Marseilles tonight, after a group of “youths” fire-bombed this bus:

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And speaking of France…

LGF – French Jawdropper of the Day

You think you’ve seen French appeasement at its worst. Then they go and do something like this.

Last year’s French riots were triggered by the deaths of two “youths,” who fled a police ID check, broke into an electrical substation to hide, and were electrocuted when they touched something they shouldn’t have.

Last Friday officials and residents of Clichy-sous-Bois, scene of some of the worst rioting, dedicated a monument to these two disenchanted fleeing criminals: Silent march for dead youths in France’s suburbs.

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And speaking of appeasement…

LGF – Britain’s Gigantic Problem

If this AP report is accurate, as Tony Blair prepares to give his final bows, the British Cabinet is now in the business of recommending methods to postpone being eaten by crocodiles: UK wants to improve image with Muslims.

And, finally, in case you needed reminding why all this is important:

Wheat & Weeds – Don’t Let The Terrorists Win

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