Last week I was perusing the Apple trailers and saw the one for The History Boys, which I sent it to Rueful Red, since it’s about a bunch of history students trying to get places at Oxbridge, and he actually studied (read?) history at Cambridge. I hadn’t heard from him in time to put on my list of movies from the other day, in case he came back that he thought it was a load of bunkum. He did come back with reservations, but I think this scores some points in its favour:

Telegraph – Spy

History man (2)

As the inspirational history teacher in Alan Bennett’s hit The History Boys, Richard Griffiths has developed strong views on education.

He believes his generation has failed the “History Boys” of tomorrow. “The 1960s and 1970s generation really messed up the education system,” he told me at the launch of Nigel Havers’s autobiography, Playing with Fire, last week.

“They lowered the standard of teaching and their ideas led to a breakdown in manners and discipline in the classroom.”

And Griffiths has an unlikely solution. “The best education a young boy can have is to fall hopelessly in love. This Government hasn’t got a clue about that: it’s obsessed with b------- like league tables.”