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A Tale of Two Neighbors

The Sunday Times – Israelis put nuclear bunkers in gardens LGF – Hizballah’s Home Improvement Program Let’s send in Carol Smillie.

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Oxford, Wilhelm, Maggie and Doctor Khatami

I’ll just slap the whole thing on here, if you don’t mind. The Times – How honours can go one degree too far, by Graham Stewart THE HONORARY degree is the highest class of grade inflation. British universities have been doling them out since the 15th century. In 1759 the University of St Andrews conferred […]

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Feeling Wholesome and Smug all at the Same Time

Off to a bit of a late start today [cough]. Spent the mid-day at paint and DIY stores and the afternoon sanding off the crap spray-on wall texture so popular during the 80s. But between the DIY and the sanding, we went to Uwajimaya (which I’ve been looking forward to all week) and stocked up […]

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The Brussels Journal Checks Its Email

Do you people remember this? This was one of the very first email forwards I got when I first got online in 94 or whenever (but viz a tvist!): The Brussels Journal – If Zis Mad You Smil, Pleas Pas On to Oza Pepl

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Deuling Sick People

I wasn’t going to mention any of this, but now it’s just getting funny. Power Line – Ouch!

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I love Tom, but I won’t try quoting. It’s all great stuff. Telegraph – The BBC’s commitment to bias is no laughing matter. By Tom Leonard (But even so, I love Spooks!) (Of course, as an American I’m default Right Wing Death Beast no matter how cultural I might be on this side of the […]

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Zee German Spine

Strange. Germany steps into a role in Afghanistan taking it into a combat place it hasn’t been in since losing WWII (about which I can find no story on Google News, though there’s 691 about that skull), German soldiers act like soldiers by doing silly things with skulls, and now Mozart lovers are standing up […]

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The Times – Prodi’s prevarications<br/> Italy is once again being held hostage by the hard men of the Left Difficult reforms, as Romano Prodi himself insists, are best pushed through at the beginning of a government’s term. Six months after his centre-left coalition won the narrowest of majorities, the outward signs that accompany all efforts […]

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Back From China

The Times – Awakenings<br/> Faith is returning to the centre of public debate As the Archbishop of Canterbury argues in our pages today, anyone, particularly any clergyman, returning to Britain in the past few days would be surprised by how religion, and not football or politics, dominates discussions. What is often seen as the most […]

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Absolutely the Funniest Item of the Day CCXXXV

RC2, in the comments: a British Air ad I used to love when I was a kid. It ended with Robert Morley saying, “Come back! All is forgiven!” Hahahaha

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Peter Costello's Influence Reaching Europe

Mark Steyn should be happy. ABC (Oz) – Princess Mary pregnant again One for mum, one for dad, and one for the Danish royal family! (They’re half-way there!)

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What in the Name of –

Drudge – ALLEN’S REVENGE: EXPOSES UNDERAGE SEX SCENES IN OPPONENT’S NOVELS So there’s a little snippet of a pic of a page, and you’re reading along thinking “Aw heck it’ll just be one of those romance novels really, all romance novels, where the heroine is just 16 or 17… OH DEAR GOD WHAT THE HELL […]

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Always Ending His Interviews on a Light Note

Phoooo Human Events Online – Exclusive Interview Q&A: Mark Steyn on the Threat of Islam (mp3) Insta-Update: I suppose the good thing about all that is that the environment will benefit when the “youths” run out of cars to burn.

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Washington in Politics!

Congress.org Power Rankings – Maria Cantwell (D-WA) #99!

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Dr Jeremy

BBC – Clarkson gives Hammond all-clear Thank god. We’re starting to go through withdrawal. The other night we were sitting down to flip through the TiVo’s offering of Simpsons reruns and Peter asked “Did we miss a series of Top Gear or something?” I had to remind him, gently and with the consideration due his […]

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