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BBC – Fears over Haiti child ‘abuse’ Eh… ‘Why’ the quotation marks? A BBC investigation commissioned as part of Generation Next – a week of programmes focusing on people under 18 – has uncovered fresh allegations of the sexual abuse of children by United Nations peacekeepers. Mike Williams reports from Port au Prince, Haiti. … […]

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Ooh, Petpeeve Crossed!

The story has nothing to do with the post, but I love pointing out when people are ignorant enough to do this: FOXnews – Britney Spears Photographer Tells FOXNews.com: ‘I Didn’t See Her Try to Cover’ Merino seems nonplussed by the hubbub. “To be honest with you, it doesn’t really — it’s not surprising anymore,” […]

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Ashes Live Commentary Open Thread No. Four

BBC – Second Test, Adelaide: Australia v England England will bid to bounce back from a poor start to the Ashes when the second Test starts in Adelaide on Friday. But can they do it?! Open thread devoted to the whole Test, unless England manages to make it a little more interesting this time.

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The Times Figures It Out, Part XIII

This makes me laugh. Which is good because I’ve been trying to bring it up but found it so crushingly depressing/infuriating I couldn’t really bring myself to. First, the item at issue: The Times – ‘London’s bridge is falling down’ In a devastating verdict on Tony Blair’s decision to back war in Iraq and his […]

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My Opinion of Pakistan: Glimmering

Jeez, first the parliament actually sort of recognizes that maybe it isn’t such a good thing to take the crime of rape all out on the victim, and now this: Times Online – Molly’s father slammed by judge as custody battle continues Her disappearance [from the Outer freaking Hebrides where her mother was hiding her […]

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Proving that Only Redeployment of American Troops Can End a Civil War

Terrorism is a nasty thing, people, and it’s important that the US recognizes it’s role in causing it. FOXnews – Officials: 3 Homicide Car Bombs Kill 6 in Somalia MOGADISHU, Somalia — Three homicide car bombs exploded outside Somalia’s government base of Baidoa, killing at least six people, including the drivers, and wounding four civilians, […]

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This is Why We Like This Historian

Telegraph – Algeria was worse than Iraq – so far. By John Keegan The end: By the exertion of his popular appeal, speaking directly to the French conscripts in Algeria on the radio, de Gaulle managed to overcome the rebellion and so eventually to organise Algerian self-government and an Algerian peace. The cost was the […]

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It's Good Being Vaira

<br/> NATO heads of state and government stand for the official portrait Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2006, at the 2006 NATO Summit in Riga, Latvia. White House photo by Paul Morse Telegraph – Worldstage By Toby Helm<br/> Latvia may come to regret playing host to Nato’s summit Riga The flags of 26 Nato nations fluttered in […]

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Moderate Muslims Writing Letters

Times Online – What is a ‘moderate’ Muslim? by Irshad Manji<br/> As the Pope visits Turkey, Irshad Manji says this is a good moment to re-enter the debate raised by his comments on Islam and violence The emails I received in response proved that Muslims know how to exercise freedom of expression as vigorously as […]

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What Must These Standards Be Like

Imagine I have, like, the Queen come over for dinner, and it’s considered a successful evening if she survives the first course. Wheat & Weeds – So Far, So Good Way to go, Islamic World! Showin’ the rest of us what you can do!

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Judge Rules Blindness Unfair to Blind; Orders Medical Profession to Fix It

FOXnews – Judge Rules Paper Money Unfair to Blind People Isn’t that kind of the point of being handicapped? That it sucks?

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Al Gore is SUCH a Jerk

First, (and after the wettest November in history, apparently) two days of snow in a row (unheard of, as far as I’ve been here), and now a high, high, of 28. Sure, the kids get the day off school, but I still have to climb the hill to paint, and with the sun this low, […]

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They Hate Me, They Really Hate Me

The Scotsman – Grapes of wrath for French vineyards as millions of bottles are destroyed MORE than eight million litres of this season’s production of Beaujolais wine is being turned into near-pure alcohol for use in disinfectants, cleaning products or fuel additives, as French vineyards face up to a massive overproduction crisis. A chronic wine […]

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Okay, I've Kept This to Myself Long Enough

If the Palestinians are so bad off… LGF – Death Cult Press Conference Why do their terrorists always have the best jeans?!

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Air Imams

Power Line – The flying imams: Another look Scary. But I think we can all agree that the moral of this story is: Fat people are getting us killed. No, actually that’s not the moral of the story. The moral of the story is entirely different than that. But hell, everyone else is learning the […]

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