Jeez, first the parliament actually sort of recognizes that maybe it isn’t such a good thing to take the crime of rape all out on the victim, and now this:

Times Online – Molly’s father slammed by judge as custody battle continues

Her disappearance [from the Outer freaking Hebrides where her mother was hiding her from him] triggered an international hunt by police, amidst fears that she had been kidnapped by her father in order to be married off to a man twice her age. But soon after, she appeared in Lahore, smiling and denying suggestions of an arranged marriage, and saying that she had left Stornoway of her own free will.

In today’s proceedings, Judge Saqib Nisar elaborated on yesterday’s ruling that Molly should be handed over to the British High Commission within seven days and subsequently sent back to the UK. Mr Rana, 45, confirmed that he would appeal against the decision at Pakistan’s Supreme Court.

In the ruling, Judge Nisar found that Molly was born in Scotland, and her parents’ marriage and divorce had taken place there, hence making her a Scottish resident and under the jurisdiction of Scotland’s courts.

He noted that Mr Rana had previously acknowledged the authority of Edinburgh’s Court of Session and its ruling that Molly should not be removed from Scotland, rejecting the father’s argument that the girl was a Pakistani resident as she had lived in that country only from time to time.

“In this regard, I have examined and interviewed the child in my chambers,” wrote Judge Nisar.

“Though she said she wants to live in Pakistan, in my view the reason given by her that she has been prevented by the petitioner (her mother) from leading her life according to Islamic virtue seems to me to have been tutored as at present she is under the influence of the respondent (her father).”

He continued: “I’m constrained to hold in this case that the respondent has not been an upright, fair and honest man.

“He has removed the child and is guilty of showing disrespect and violating court orders, which is tantamount to fraud. And thus he cannot be allowed to have the benefit of such fraud.”

Go Judge Nisar!